Heavy Criticism From Team Trump, DOJ Report Reveals Comey Broke No Laws | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Elisabeth Bumiller, Jeremy Bash, and Frank Figliuzzi all join to react to the news in the DOJ's Inspector General report on FBI Director James Comey, and the attacks he's facing from Trump and his supporters.
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Heavy Criticism From Team Trump, DOJ Report Reveals Comey Broke No Laws | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Having read Comey’s book, he said that he did not even consider disclosing one of his memos on trump’s inappropriate behavior until trump began suggesting there were tapes of their conversations. Relieved, he released a memo to associates, thinking the recordings would soon be out to confirm his statements. But, as usual, trump was lying. THAT’s why he released the memo.

    1. @adjwindu70 as i. Just following the 1930s germany scenario plays with the democratic party follows the course of the nazis. And bring folk’s attention to it. At least to those who will actually educate theirselves.

    2. @Gerald Colgrove really? I dont recall democratics blaming media and minorities for the troubles of their country.

    1. @KRONOStvx Kiddo, get it right. No conspiracy. Conspiracy is the legal term you’re looking for. There was indeed collusion, however. We’ve seen it with our own eyes, heard it with our own ears, and the evidence is publicly available.

    2. @Downright Dutch Who says Comey lies? #TrumpTheCorrupt? #PresidentBoneSpurs? #DonnyTwoFace? #BabyTrump ? #TrumpTheWannabeDictator has no leg to stand on when questioning truth or saying someone lied. He doesn’t even understand how umbrellas or toilet paper work, FFS!

  2. If anything the Whistle Blower Act should protect him in that right. Good thing he new he had cover his on back. Trump Breaks Policy Every day Inspector General Corruption Continues. Barr is the ring leader. Comey should be reinstated and Barr should be gone.

    1. When you say Trump breaks policy everyday, where do you get your information?
      What policies has he broken?
      I believe you don’t know what you’re talkin about and all you doing is repeating what you hear on fake news.

  3. Nothing triggered the Russian collusion investigation more than the blatant lying about the Trump Tower meeting. Let’s stop forgetting that. Collusion OBVIOUSLY happened there. How is this even a question?

  4. Frankly it’s ridiculous to say that Comey didn’t break the law but violated FBI policy. As Director of the FBI at that time it was Comey’s pervue to set FBI policy.
    The question no one seems to answer including the Inspector General is; what should he have done?
    What are the “rules” when the President of the United States is a crook?

    1. @You that is hilarious. Obama knew Russia was trying to interfere in the election and did nothing about it. He let his minions attack Trump to smear him. He let his minions allow Hilary a free pass on a True Crime of secret server and deleting 33,000 emails (Obstruction). He wanted Hilary to win. Plain and simple.

    2. Comey broke FBI policy discussing disproven allegations against the Democratic candidate (but somehow never informed the public about the serious investigation going on with the Republican candidate, Trump, and his collusion with Russia, that the public vitally NEEDED to KNOW before voting), which department guidelines lay out very clearly Comey was NOT allowed to do. Whatever Comey’s intent, he helped Russia and Republicans get a criminal, sociopathic menace installed in the White House. Comey is largely responsible for this whole mess in the first place. Let’s not forget that fact. Sorry, media, there is not any equivocation of any kind to be found between Comey doing the WRONG thing, and that decision being a major factor in determining the outcome of a PRESIDENTIAL election (which is exactly the type of thing that the relevant policy was designed to prevent and protect against), and then afterward doing the right thing to warn people of the mess he in large part helped create. Why does the media always have to try equivocating? Can’t one side just be plain wrong, sometimes? Another thing, media; you can’t keep pointing out how close the 2016 election was–just 78,000 votes in three swing states–and then try pretending Comey’s decision couldn’t have been the difference. There were five things that cost Hillary the victory, any one of which cost her the election: Russian interference, Comey’s disregard of FBI rules, Republican gerrymandering, Republican voter suppression, and Hilary’s campaign strategy. Every candidate makes campaign mistakes, but they expect a level playing field, and James Comey tilted that playing field–despite having had every reason to have known better. To Comey’s credit, he has tried to redeem himself by doing the right thing, but he still needs to acknowledge that he exercised horrible judgment for his handling of the Hillary matter during the 2016 election, and his responsibility and culpability in creating this whole mess, instead of tying to rationalize it. Comey needs to plainly and unequivocally acknowledge the importance of the rule prohibiting public disclosure of ongoing investigations involving electoral candidates, his malfeasance in deciding to disregard it, and his significant role in swinging an election unfairly and unjustly to a raving lunatic. Let’s remember that Comey didn’t just cheat Hillary–he cheated the American people! While retaining some measure of respect for Comey, don’t think he deserves forgiveness quite yet for that role.

  5. No charges? They’re not going to string him up with piano wire? Poor Hannity must be blowing a gasket and bouncing off the walls.

    1. If they charge Comey, than the DOJ admits Trump commited obstruction of justice by asking Comey to let Flynn go.😂😂😂

  6. Narrowly escaped indictment and violated multiple DOJ and FBI policies – the guy goes around beating his chest in victory ? He’s a bit of a sick pup the way he promotes and talks about himself. I wanted to like him, but he’s pretty arrogant and full of himself – and has a false impression on how others view him

  7. Why can’t your imbecile viewers download and read the report for themselves? The report is an indictment that lists 28 felony violations.

    1. Lucky Me yeah, we know…the tired old cry of “fake news” by Trump and his gang of Keystone Cops. (“Fake” that is unless the news is something in his favor.)Here’s a tip, why don’t you really do your homework BEFORE you go making such ignorant remarks? I can tell you, nobody but other super-slanted Trumpist’s believe anything you say. The debacle of Trump as president has passed the point of no return. The cracks in support are getting bigger. See @walshfreedom on Twitter to see what a former Tea Partier who is running against Trump as a Republican has to say.

    2. @Some Person dear lord. You guys keep grasping at straws. Let me know how that impeachment proceeding goes. 😂

    3. Old Russian bot/Republican cult dupe–don’t waste your time on Hildebeast lies and distractions, folks!

  8. Not that i’m defending the man who helped Trump win the election. but he didn’t release the memo until Trump started tweeting that Comey and the FBI were a joke, incompetent and treasonous.
    which in my opinion he was. and right now we would have had a president Clinton and not a Trump. he deserved to be fired. but Tramp also deserves jail or execution. i choose the latter.

  9. So let me get this straight. James Comey is in trouble according to the IG, for letting the American people know that Donald Trump is a criminal, especially since Trump said that he had tapes of their conversation, he simply wrote memos to himself to protect himself from the lies. Got it… sorry not sorry He did his job in a proper manner to protect United States of America.

  10. Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall
    Putin called , he took the call
    Keep them guessing, confused, and when
    It’s 2020, we’ll do it again.
    They don’t want a wall, they all seem to know
    You’ve got what you want, but it’s to prison I’ll go
    They figured it out, soon all will known
    ……Too bad comrade , you’re on your own.

  11. The funniest part is that if Republicans call Comey corrupt and a law breaker for sharing his memos, than they also admit Trump committed obstruction of Justice by asking Comey to let Flynn go. They either admit Trump did commit a felony like Comey did, or neither did anything wrong.😂😂😂

  12. The chosen one cry…. now…. why would FBI trust traitor trumpanzee??? He’s the chosen one from Russia to anti-American, destroy America

  13. Jeremy Bash and Frank Figlusi are serious pros…we are lucky to have their insights and judgment, and interpretation of FBI policies and WH operations. Thanks for sharing your years of experience with us!

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