Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in St. James | TVJ News – Nov 8 2021

Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in St. James | TVJ News - Nov 8 2021 1


  1. Can someone please show the Covid Prime Minister this footage because the only thing him care bout is the Big C and Vacc the entire country can burn or flood fi all him care smh

  2. What do all of you expect? The government built new highways all over the country without considering proper drainage.

    1. We are the same.people who cost him to build them we are the same people who litter gullies and blame the government

    1. @DynamicT doesn’t matter if you have a “proper draining system” if you have heavy enough rainfall it will be overwhelmed. I live in London and roads are flooded regularly.

  3. The people who is for the cult you see that water that is what your cult boy can’t do. This is the power of my God almighty so you all better learn

  4. Water drainage need to be cut deeper with strainers on some parts of the covers to prevent debres and ppl need to stop dump garages in the gullies and rivers

  5. Plz NWA use grill block the entrance of the drains. We know our people will litter, that small mesh cant work.

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