Helene Gaddie: 'This Is our Sovereign Right To Protect Our People' | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Helene Gaddie: ‘This Is our Sovereign Right To Protect Our People’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


Helene Gaddie, the Executive Director of Generations Indigenous Ways joins MSNBC's Ali Velshi to discuss how the coronavirus is affecting Native American communities. Aired on 11/30/2020.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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Helene Gaddie: 'This Is our Sovereign Right To Protect Our People' | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Checkpoints are customary in many countries around the world. They aren’t practical in urban areas with heavy traffic but in many parts of the US, checkpoints would serve those communities well.

    1. The problem is the strange way this virus operates. You can have no symptoms and spread it far and wide. Not saying checkpoints are worthless tho.

  2. Everyone has been abandoned to deal with this pandemic the best way they can, so their check points shouldn’t be “controversial”. Let them be.
    Her shirt!

    1. Absolutely! I’m appalled that it would even become an issue, especially since they’ve been hit so hard with Covid19! My oldest 2 daughters are half native American, their from the Kumeyaah tribe in Baja Ca. So I know how native Americans in this country are unfortunately treated..it’s sad.

    1. @Rich Sackett it will be. done with the signing of a pen. the entire reservation system ended, including all tax and welfare subsidies and exemptions..plus the right to operate casinos…gone in an instant. welcome to America. assimilate or die

    2. @michael boultinghouse so you want me to do away with what I am to make you feel better? GO BACK TO EUROPE we was here first.

  3. Don’t look to the “born-again” deficit hawks for any aid, _they blew their load on a cash giveaway for those stricken rich people and corporations_

    1. Some people conquer with germs.
      Some people conquer with guns.
      Some people conquer with false realities and outright lies. The United States needs to stop doing all three immediately.

  4. 84% of Indians died with the creation of America. I live in SD, of Irish. Danish and Swedish descent and I feel for and support these people.

    1. @Richard McKinney Puhleeze! Democracy, human rights, etc. are a European invention. Yes, Caucasian dudes gave them to the world, as pretty much everything else that has been beneficial to humanity, from penicillin and the Internet and the pacemaker! Besides that, only the Chinese invented something important – the wheel.

    2. @Don Balladurio I realize you’re trolling, and I don’t have time to answer you at length– I sincerely have more important stuff to do tonight.
      So I will just choose your first example.
      You evidently aren’t aware that the American form of democracy was just as inspired by the Iroquois federation as it was ancient Greece and parliamentary Britain.
      They had six member states and a constitution with 117 articles.
      Their confederation had been in existence for hundreds of years by the time the Founding Fathers thought of breaking away from England.
      Benjamin Franklin invited representatives of the Iroquois nation to the Constitutional Convention as advisors.
      When they arrived, they reportedly looked around, and asked with surprise, “where are the women?”
      It took us a long time to catch up with them in terms of democracy.

    3. @melissa saint Yea. Sure. And the technology for the Internet was discovered in Sitting Bull’s backpocket too : )
      Whenever someone doesn’t spew out the political correctness kool aid they must be ‘trolling’. Smh

    4. @Don Balladurio oh no, I assume you’re trolling because I looked up your comments on other channels, and you’re basically being a jerk on a wide variety of topics
      Of course, “trolling” doesn’t mean you are saying things you *don’t* believe.
      It just means you’re enjoying trying to get people upset.
      And as for the Iroquois Confederation and their presence at the Constitutional Convention, by all means, don’t take my word for it. It is history, look it up for yourself.
      Now I really do have to go, though…have the best night you can!

  5. Some people conquer with germs.
    Some people conquer with guns.
    Some people conquer with false realities and outright lies. The United States needs to stop doing all three immediately.

    1. Rather a self righteous attitude as the Spanish took smallpox infected blankets to Latin America. I also would note that social media, which you are using , has been primarily responsible for the false reality and lies. I would love to see it banned, but folks like you get to take advantage of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. About the guns–the
      US has had to bail Europeans out of a few wars I believe. I also note that UN soldiers from the Netherlands deserted Bosnians to slaughter by the Serbs .. You are right–if you will not help yourselves or others you do not need guns.

    2. Thank you for making this statement… the past 4 years has shone a blindingly bright light on so much that is wrong with our country.
      *We need to get focused & fix what isn’t functioning properly.*

  6. When trump loses at anything, there is always some one else at fault. Fraud or being cheated or being treated unfairly are charges he usually asserts to be true even when they obviously are not. He is relentless.

  7. This is America 2020 need clean water, health care, houses,What a bloody disgrace the richest country hang your heads in shame.NZ

    1. @Dementia Joe Teleprompter
      Why should any American sacrifice? In 2016 Trump said he would put Americans 1st. What happened to Americans getting tired of winning? I’ve not seen any winning just a lot of giving and sacrifice.

  8. I am very sorry what you are going through. Thank you Helene Gaddie and everyone in you organisation. I hope you get relief soon.

    1. Limisi76 are you just ignorant or cynical. All indigenous people had conflicts but they were not greedy materialistic money hungry like westerners.

  9. Very well presented with clear acknowledgement the first nations struggle. Her T Shirt contained powerful messages to all of America – racism must end.

  10. At least Ali Velshi is one of the few journalists that does stories like this which are ignored by the rest of the bigtime corporate media. The pandemic has opened the door for the public to learn about long-standing problems of indigenous and other communities which have been neglected.

    1. …..lol. Gawd that’s is the most naive statement I’ve ever heard. It’s our government. 150+ years of being screwed over. You naively think the next 4 years are going to change that. How old are you…9?

    2. @David F After massacres and genocide and theft of land I doubt four years of anyone at the helm can make things right. I am not a Native American but I would sure like to see some effort made to move in a positive direction. And no I do not have the answers.

    3. @John Zeszut..agreed. Thank you for seeing the problem though. Natives have no voice at this point. It seems at this point only a few tribes even care to have one. Moreover tribes that earn through gambling enterprises don’t even want a voice for real change anymore.

    4. @David F I hope that things will somehow improve and maybe even one voice in the crowd might call attention to those who have been wronged.

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