Help for Homeless Mother | Chaos & Frustration Over Jamaica's Lockdown | Holness Seeks Financial Aid 1

Help for Homeless Mother | Chaos & Frustration Over Jamaica’s Lockdown | Holness Seeks Financial Aid


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    1. I do understand I could imagine what you’re going through and that’s the sad thing about it

  1. Why are the stomping their Desks as if they had made a BREAK THRU OF SOMETHING WONDERFUL…..They all should be ashamed and donate 25 percent of their salary and BENEFITS to the POOR and UNFORTUNATE…

  2. They didn’t have to come out to buy so much 20,000 and it’s not like they won’t be able to go back out.

  3. The pm can pay off the debt with promissory note ( I don’t know what’s the fuss about ) it’s the honorable way

  4. Some people of to work pay check to pay check but the people need to do better they need to wear them mass

  5. Why they want to have log back payments when you can pay, is that how you like liabilities, don’t you see that this show up the Jamaica government, i knew politicians could and can do better for Jamaica.

  6. Each and every time I ask myself the same question repeatedly something wrong with Jamaican people yes or no I do think so

  7. But don’t this happens every where, it’s not confined to a jamaica ..the less fortunate has always been marginalized ,even in di first world countries that yu think is a land of opportunities ,I trust this has not minimize the effort for assistance to these in need ..

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