Help for Motorists in Montego Bay Jamaica | TVJ News - March 18 2021 1

Help for Motorists in Montego Bay Jamaica | TVJ News – March 18 2021


The Government has sought to assure residents in Montego Bay, St. James that it remains committed to addressing the traffic congestion in the second city. Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Horace Chang says work is ongoing despite the delay with the construction of the Montego Bay by-pass.

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    1. Indeed, I think we can all agree that Kingston is the heart of Jamaica especially being that its the capital. However, Montego as she is trying to put is and always have been treated horribly. As a place that attracts the bulk of the tourism it should have atleast far better roads than it currently does.

  1. Lady you should a glad you have road fe drive. Places a Jamaica the back road a mobay better than the main road in some parishes.

  2. All they do is take all the money from Mobay and dump it in kingston. Then they overpriced mobay items while Kingstonians lives cheaper. Mobay makes Jamaica too much money to be so underdeveloped!

  3. Why is highway and beautification a priority when crime is out of hand? Tired of the everyday killing and it’s business as usual.

  4. Since mobay is where most of the tourist going they should have made it much better, because it’s indeed congested. If there is an evacuation because of something devasting, many would be left behind or killed because of the traffic jam with no way of escaping.

  5. Not only in Spanish Town these taxi and bus operators are doing it . It is happening all over Jamaica at every gas station. When they see the police coming ,they jump in the taxi and drive off.

    1. This doman is a wicked im from st Thomas mobay get evrything and the one time she have to wait she making trouble and im reminding her kgn is the capitol city of jamaica

  6. Jamaica prime minister have too much power and himself is just 1 man every city mayor should build up their city not prime minister or chang to talking about Montego bay back off and the mayor full responsibilities to run these Towns and cities

  7. Jamaica media outlets is so backward thinking it so shameful to see them talking tripe thinking that they are helping the public

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