“Help my kids” | Family deported from Canada now trapped in Ukraine

"Help my kids" | Family deported from Canada now trapped in Ukraine 1


  1. Anyone who can look at those innocent children and say Canada should truly do nothing to help has zero conscience.

  2. Hi there ! Im resident of Kyiv city in Ukraine. Please help . Our armed forces need help . Weapons and medicine . We having wounded civilians and military . Don’t be aside, maybe your country next

    1. I’m so sorry you don’t already have the world standing beside you!

      Please get somewhere safe, you don’t have to fight now, go to the incoming help and re-group.

      Know you have supporters who will need you alive to help resolve this once you reach eachother, so above all stay safe as you can.

  3. This is so sad!!! Just the system is difficult to get to the final stage for the Permanent residency!! Its all taking longer than usual and to extend the permit is a nightmare!!!!

    1. I know many immigrants who have been waiting for years for status and of course since covid everything slowed down.

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