1. @O X Nobody cares for Libertarians. The last Ayn Rand reject lead our nation to this inevitable end. Americans aren’t the brightest voters but no one wants a neofuedal state to live in. Not even the Red sheep.

    1. I especially worry about hospital workers and people needing more care after this in a medical field that is already taxed to the brink.

    1. Actually, it’s slowing down before impact, hence she said “braking” not “breaking” ya know it all


    1. I spilled my beer once all over the game Life. It washed the little plastic people pegs and cars away. I declared it a victory.

  2. DJT would fight the hurricane with his bare tiny little hands, do you remember how he managed the impossible and just brought a glass of water to his mouth with one hand, it was just unbelievable everyone who was there cheered and shouted, what a crock

  3. It’s really not a strong storm but given the location of impact it could be an issue. Highly wooded areas with lots of trees. Lots of power outages but that’s about it as long as people stay in and stay safe

  4. Sitting in the west, no rain for months, wildfire and smoke everywhere, while the east soaks and drowns. Feels like the climate has sure changed to me.

    1. It’s the severity… they’ll claim it’s not happening until millions are flooded out permanently and half of our nation runs out of water!!! Same lies, different day!!!

    2. @Lou Ellen I agree, the jet stream has shifted – DUE TO THE HEATING BROUGHT ON BY TOO MUCH GREENHOUSE GAS IN THE ATMOSPHERE. This is the definition of man-made climate change. Get the whole story, not just the pre-packaged misinformation spread by greedy industrialists.

    1. I am surprised they don’t call this “fake news” & don’t prepare for if & when the power goes out. The same way these so called pro-lifers allow their children to die needlessly of Covid.

    2. 😂Yep! And everybody must reeaally mask up now, acc to demented ped@ clown in White House, because the High sinds Will spread the ooooh so dangerous coruuuuna 😁

  5. So out here in the west we are in severe drought with record temps and wildfires while the Midwest and east are flooding. If any of my fellow Americans are still denying climate change you all need your heads examined.

    1. so who is saying the climate doesnt change? If you are suggesting that the current climate is worse then it has even been then you need to look at the govt own data from the 1930’s. It was hotter for sustained periods, 10 times as many acres burned in wildfires for a full decade. Ever heard of the Dust Bowl from the 30’s? You are helping to spread unwarranted fear

    2. No…. we don’t need an examination my friend. You need to look back farther then the fraction of the climate change you have seen in your lifetime. Go back 500,000 years and you see patterns that cannot be explained void of are chemical induction into the system. Yes we agree climate change is realized and taking place. We do not agree that it’s solely humankind’s doing. Climate models have shown thing’s happened here that are multitudes worse then are small footprint. We need to better address the underlying mechanics of those changes passed and present. Void of the idea that we are controlling the climate are selves. It’s keeping good science silenced and over looked. Because of societies inability to hold scientific discoveries in open forums and lack of meaningful education of people whose understanding that information depends on someone. I digress I fear I may ramble on for another 97 characters. Pollution’s terrible and we DO need to continue to cause less damage, but realize climate change is millions of years old. Let’s work together to survive the changes coming and also understand it better to be reactivate

    3. @Ordinary Mo Sorry but climate change is a man made situation. Once we started breaking down the ozone layer we opened up the door to major climate changes. We did this to ourselves.

  6. That weather lady is a little too cheerful about the devastating hurricane that’s about to hit. Jeez-Uz. Tone down the giddyness please.

    1. Seems like these women and some men are just posing for camera glam/likes when reporting live at an ensuing disaster. Disgusting.

    2. It’s good weather coverage for them.. These meteorologists get excited when a big storm like this comes..

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