Her QAnon parents say she’s brainwashed. Listen to her plea 1

Her QAnon parents say she’s brainwashed. Listen to her plea


This woman says her parents are becoming unrecognizable as they follow QAnon religiously. Listen as she reads a letter to a therapist about what it’s like to be seen as an “idiot” by her own family for rejecting the conspiracy theory.

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  1. I’ve seen it in my family as well. Trump has cultivated one of the largest cults in history. It’s scary how easily seemingly good moral people can be turned into irrational nonsensical rubes

    1. @Uncle Reggie “The Q-Anon Shaman” is not a leftist. He’s a die-hard Trump supporter. That was already confirmed. Get your facts straight. More criminal charges are coming, by the way, and will for quite a while. Trump supporters are the reason why the U.S. Capitol is currently protected by razor wire and the National Guard. That’s an indisputable fact. If there’s any justice, prison is “just around the corner” for Donald Trump.

    2. @Don Winslow No. Scared politicians are the reason the wall is around the capitol. They’re afraid of the People. Most of us want most of them gone.
      Edit: Their own personal safety is more important than yours is to them. That can’t be denied.

    3. @Don Winslow I don’t watch fake news. Tucker and Hannity aren’t much better than the Lemonhead and Fredo.

    4. If you want to see how normal people turn into a nightmare take a close look to Germany 1933-45. Germans aren’t more evil than other folks but in acult everything is possible. Hitlerism was a extremely dangerous cruel cult and Trumpism is also.

  2. Unfortunately it’s nothing she can do. She needs to call cps for her sister, and she needs to adopt her and move away or just save herself and move away. There’s no saving them unfortunately

    1. @Megan Griffis I’m curious how exactly it affects the children of people who believe in Qanon? Do they donate the rent money to some Qanon organization? Do they force the kids to watch endless Qanon documentaries instead of playing with their friends etc etc. I could care less about what my parents believe because it doesn’t affect me in the least, so please enlighten me exactly what problems do these kids have because of what their parents believe?

    2. @Charles Ritter If the kids don’t believe in Qanon they think they’re traitors and sometimes can even get violent. Wives had had to leave their husbands, husbands their wives. Just recently I was reading a thread about a 22 year old girl who was terrified that she had to leave her 14 year old sibling with her brainwashed parents who have recently began speaking about physical violence and shooting people.

    3. @Charles Ritter I know it all sounds like a bunch of horse crap and seems silly when you don’t know much about it but it’s not. These people are becoming radicalized. I’ve followed from the beginning and watched the brainwashing unfold

    4. @Megan Griffis you seem like a rational person Megan and I believe what you are telling me. I’m a big time ” conspiracy theorist” According to the MSM because I believe in things like the government conspiring to keep the truth about UFOs secret, JFK Being killed by more than one person, the truth about 9/11 being suppressed,. The virus being released on purpose, the central banking system controlling governments etc etc. What I find hard to believe is that people would turn on their kids over something like Qanon. We know that people can get carried away with their beliefs e.g. super religious parents disowning their kids when they come out as gay, disowning kids when the kids leave the parents religion/cult (scientology say) but Qanon? Again I know very little about it but it just doesn’t make sense that people would get that worked up about it unless it involved their own kids. One thing I’ve learned is that just about anything is possible and has probably already happened somewhere at sometime, so the people on reddit could all be real and telling the truth absolutely it just seems farfetched that parents would punish their kids because the kids haven’t come to the same conclusion regarding an alleged crime. I do believe that sex trafficking rings exist by the way. (Even rings involving kids). Qanon ? Who knows, remember that it’s the MSM that tells us what they believe And any group can be infiltrated, so for example CNN Might interview a former Qanon believer but how do we know that person REALLY was a believer in Qanon and not hired by someone to pretend they were a believer? You see what I mean? It’s getting harder and harder to know the REAL truth these days. I really only believe people who have outstanding reputations for honesty and write books about the subject interviewing hundreds of people spending years researching the subject etc etc. I hope that clarifies where I’m coming from. Some conspiracies are real and others are not. I would love for someone to write a book on this Qanon thing and get to the bottom of it.

  3. I hope this young woman finds the support network she needs. It’s so easy for me to type this, but this woman must try to separate her basic human need for relating with her parents, from her own sense of worth and health. A very, very difficult situation to be in. I hope she stays strong and well.

  4. This young lady is bright and articulate. It makes me wonder how that happened with parents like hers.

    1. @Michael Murphy Lets use a real example. let examine the notion that there is a satanic cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles trafficking sex while plotting to overthrow the Trumpster.

    2. @A. George Let’s just say, You’ll See. Remember when President Trump said, “Maybe this is the calm before the storm.” “What Storm Mr. President? Just as he said to the press, “You’ll See.”

    3. @Michael Murphy I don’t know about you but lets just say I find the ground your argument stands on less than solid.

    1. @Uncle Reggie
      What? You make no sense. The point of punishment even from God is for people to see the error of their ways. Did America learn anything worthwhile from Trump? Did America stop being selfish and mean on account of Trump? Nope they are even more hateful. So clearly there were no good lessons learned. So if we are getting into religion the one that benefitted the most from unleashing Trump is the other one.

    2. @Carol Harris If there was no lesson learned, then why vote for Biden?
      It’s not like Trump supporters are being punished in any way. Nor did Trump punish Hillary supporters.
      God doesnt punish people anymore. He just erases their memory. Like they never existed. “Blotted out of the Book of Life” . Easily researchable if you’ve never heard those terms before.
      I make no sense to YOU.
      Be specific.

    3. @Uncle Reggie
      How many Trump supporters do you think voted for Biden. Not a lot since Trump increased his support in raw numbers from 2016 so enlighten me how is that lessons learned. The only lessons learned came from democrats who was united and voted like their life depend on it in 2020. Trumpers learned nothing except maybe how to whine more about being wronged

  5. Says a lot for this young lady that she still thinks enough of her parents to worry about them. In the same situation, most of us would simply walk away once and for all.
    I did. Loved my controlling parents until the day they died. But couldn’t and wouldn’t live near them let alone with them.
    This lady deserves better parents. They don’t deserve her.

    1. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin Cuomo has been rampantly killing off the retirement home population just to make Trump appear more incompetent. This has been known for over half a year, yet the only form of punishment he’s gotten is controversy from being a potential sexual harasser. During the initial riots in the summer, there were multiple trials that were affected by BLM/antifa members threatening the families of politicians or even just flat out rioting at the court house such as a bar owner in Omaha who killed one of the two men assaulting his elderly father after loitering at his bar. After going to trial he was going to be let out free without criminal charges due to self defence, only for rioters to force the court to change to giving him numerous serious criminal charges, which ultimately led to his suicide.

    2. @Dirty Dan You have gone so far off of the rails from this thread, I don’t think you could even find left field. Exactly why are you telling me these things?

    3. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin Your comment insinuated that I had been lying in my previous comment, and because of that I felt the need to explain my original comment in detail

    4. @Dirty Dan Yes. Where are some facts about these BLM protesters threatening politicians? And if you’ll check, those weren’t BLM protesters that violently stormed the seat of our democracy and murdered and maimed police officers. Nor did they erect a noose for the VPOTUS. Your argument is not holding water.

    5. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin Last I checked the only people that died were the Trump supporters, anyone else who died was due to emotional or stress related causes. Besides those who walked into the capitol building never did anything with ACTUAL IMPACT, all it did was give ammos to those who wouldn’t listen to the, while the blm/antifa mobs have killed large numbers of people, caused substantial damage to the common people, and actually forced changes in court by threatening those involved. Unless you think that a view politicians getting scared while their guards gun people down on public property is more important than the people who’s already poor cities are being raided by outsiders, then your point is moot.

  6. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so scary. This is just one child, how many more are out there living with parents like this and falling in line with them.

    1. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon. search risk-life-flee-china virologist’s twitter @DrLiMengYAN1 and her gene evidence reports, get a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk to the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

    2. @Bravefart Well… at least you know you’re* brainwashed. It’s the little steps!

    3. My family had this problem, it’s left many of them scarred or still in the fold. College and my being desperate to escape them somehow helped me survive and deprogram myself.

    1. Relax, at least about this. I am a Trump supporter and I can tell you this is bullshit. After you have relaxed, you can then get excited that you are the one being brainwashed with this crap. Somebody (CNN among others) is really pushing the divide in this country and we are not talking anymore.


  7. My husband and I have a very strained relationship since Trump. We have even spoke about divorcing, seeing a side of him I CAN’T be with and support. Nor do I want my children affected by his insanity!! My first husband is a staunch Trump supporter, and has created a huge divide between my 26 year old son and his dad. I do not understand how I keep finding these neanderthals here in Michigan!!!

    1. Considering you’re on your second husband at this point, perhaps you’re the extremist. There’s a difference between supporting Trump and being a Q after all.

  8. Any sane president would have disowned such conspiracy theories, even if they worked in their favour. Trump granted it legitimacy with his words

    1. @Debra Johnson No it’s not the only group. But it is the one that has brought so much destruction to the fabric of this country and tragedy to the families it is tearing apart with it’s completely made-up bullshit lies that are the problem.

    2. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin No actually it’s the liberal Democrat Party who has done the most damage. Just look at the young people now. They’ve been indoctrinated and taught to hate America. Look at all the insanity coming from the left destroying everything that makes America great. You are a part of that but you can’t help the way you are.

    3. @Debbie Miller Walsh No, the quack “Q’s” did not come from the Netherlands. Did you even read lovey’s comment? All of that bullshit started right here in your own backyard.

    4. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin I’m on your side but I read my news snd that’s what I read. Maybe I can find the article

    1. You know a whole bunch of people who voted Trump also voted for Obama right? Were they lizard brains when they voted Obama?

    2. @Matt Devilbiss That rationale makes no sense. The only thing your _”…voted Trump also voted Obama…”_ statement affirms is that many people will fall for anything. That is the deal with authoritarian masses, they feel a compulsion to be lead by a single galvanizing force that frees them from having to make choices for themselves.

    3. @Matt Devilbiss lots of people who did vote for Trump also voted for Obama because they saw a change but some of those people went right back to Biden

    1. @Soupy Anderson When the BLM hoards were threatening the president and to storm the White House.. Dems did not even want fences up.

    2. @Soupy Anderson BLM terrorists were such “peaceful protesters” even when they set the historical church on fire.. but a few Trump supporters come into the Capitol..razor wire and thousands of troops.. when Trump was a “fascist” for calling the national guard in.

    3. @Soupy Anderson BLM Antifa did over 2 billion in damages to other people’s property across the country.. how much damage did the Trump supporters do?

    4. @Juliet Charles The Capitol raid was one day .. Trump supporters had 100s of rallies and protests that were peaceful before that… compared to BLM Antifa burning and rampaging for months and months and months; doing billions in damage to other people’s property.

    5. @Geoffrey K My post was flagged as false? Why? Did I accidentally call you something other than a communist who hates your country?

    1. @Tygrrr Alexis how would you know? lol. Stop making claims you cant support please. You have no idea what I pay attention to. Now off to bed with you. Its adult time.

    2. @Fiachra Mac Cana lolol your funny….I can prove everything I said. Ask a question? But pls be ready to think critically!

    3. @Meedeeuh Areliars all news is fake…thousands media outlets are owned by six ppl. Do some research

    1. @It’s Midrex “they’re just part of a massive psy op” Um, so are you. The entire federal government, “our” government is a psy op. To indentify yourself by any type of political or religious group is division and “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  9. The made a golden statute of him some time ago..reminds me of a story in the bible..over a golden statute..

    1. Yeah the golden calf.
      It’s legitimately idolatry, which is a sin.
      I’m not a believer anymore but I don’t hate Christianity on its own either.
      Surprised that more church leaders don’t condemn the cult.

  10. Sounds like her Republican parents were trying to use “Cancel culture” on her for having a mind of her own.

    1. @Debra Johnson Do you think freedoms carry responsibility with them? I do. What responsibilities are carried by freedom of speech, are there any or is it just the wild west of ideas? Its not about left or right. It about right and wrong.

    2. @Debra JohnsonShould the voice of fiction being misrepresented as fact have the same volume as the one representing fact?

    3. ​@Debra Johnson The concepts of freespeech has been eroded to mean equity of platform. Its become more about the volume of what’s being said than the content of what is being said. Content is fast becoming irrelevant.

    4. @Debra Johnson Does the constitution speak of free speech as an offering to falsehoods so they may stand on the same footing as fact relative to its social acceptance or is it the same footing relative to the law?

    5. How often the voice of the minority gets canceled because of democracy. But
      should we take this to mean democracy by its very nature violates their first amendment rights?

      Side bar: Does the above indicate an instance of systemic racism whereby the race or races in question are consistently given the station of minority with in a system ruled by the majority?

    1. @Fiachra Mac Cana No, you are being lied to by the Deep State. Q can save you from the impending doom that the Deep State is pushing. Q is trying to save you and thousands of children sold into sexual slavery. Why do you want them to continue raping children?

    2. @Fiachra Mac Cana That’s what I thought. You don’t want to save the children because you are all about protecting the DEEP State

    3. @Fiachra Mac Cana I’m sorry. I need to remind myself that some liberals are too sensitive to be red pilled. They’ve had their heads in the sand for too long and finding out the truth can be mentally challenging. When you finally figure it all out and what’s going on, then we will talk. God Bless you and I will pray for your soul

  11. “Appointed by God?” Here is somebody who was unable to quote any passage from the Bible when asked to do so!!

    1. also funny how this all powerful god couldn’t rigged the 2020 election like he did just 4 years earlier

    2. not to mention his massively sinful lifestyle and his quote of “I never needed gods forgiveness for anything”

      yet joe Biden who attends church regularly and by all accounts seems to be a humble decent human being is somehow devil spawn.

    3. @amazedsatsumaGod don’t play politics sooner they figure that out better off they’ll be. he don’t pick sides in matters of state partisanship race nationality etc. he loves everyone and don’t pick sides.

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