Herd immunity not possible without vaccinating children, warns Public Health Ontario | COVID-19


    1. @Debbie Hellion “staff visually check vials for contaminants before injecting the formula”. How reassuring:(

    1. @Troy Stevens so based what you said….we should formulate and implement intrusive medical policies based on science that is incomplete and potentially false.

      Do you have a fever?

    2. @Max Weinbach glad you agree with me
      Airborne transmission of infectious disease and virus is a theory….one never proven to be true….there we should question everything about this virus, now lesses lethal than influenza A and B

    3. @Cat in`the Hat I didn’t agree with you.
      Show me that airborne transmission isn’t conclusive. If you believe that, why is the flu part of the discussion?

    1. Why? Lol.
      They said that research is still ongoing. No firm decisions yet.
      Unless you’re saying they should give them to children under 12?

  1. It’s been 1.5 years. At this point they’re just saying stuff. They honestly don’t have the slightest clue.

    1. @Jumbo Me The source data tells the tale. Which is precisely why the talking heads on the “news” never give you the hard numbers in full and in context.

      Hence why one MUST to directly to the source data and examine it for oneself. Fortunately, that source data is still freely and publicly available.

  2. We draw the line at our Children .
    Today New York Did the same .
    I will give my life to protect my children from this Highly Corrupt Government.
    We’re being auctioned off to the highest Pharmaceutical bidder .

  3. This the same public health ontario that had a top doctor resign last week because of constant political pressure applied to their decisions

  4. Public Health Ontario needs to be defunded, What they are saying is completely contrary to real data

  5. Will the gov. take responsibilities for the sides affects of these vaccines on our children?
    I don’t think so! And their “SORRY will NOT cut it for me!

  6. “Herd immunity not possible at all” there fixed it for you – these vaccines don’t prevent spread or infection

    1. It infuriates me that they are not talking about this. Where have all the journalist gone? Does no one do research anymore?

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