Here Is Why The New Indictment Of Trump Org And Its CFO Is Rattling Trump 1

Here Is Why The New Indictment Of Trump Org And Its CFO Is Rattling Trump


The Manhattan DA has indicted one of Donald Trump’s longest serving and most senior executives, CFO Allen Weisselberg. He was indicted for a $1.7 million scheme at the Trump Organization and faces 15 counts for a range of charges from larceny to tax evasion. The DA also indicted the entire Trump Organization for crimes including tax fraud, false statements, and falsifying or destroying records. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the historic development in the criminal probe.
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    1. Lafaele Fa’asolo – folks, this is another round of false claims that will lead to nothing more than a distraction.
      What was revealed at the SAME time this was released?
      Federal Judge released another round of Gislaine Maxwell documents……….the Clinton’s link to Epstein. Research and see mainstream media for what it is…. propaganda for your mind. Think for yourself.

  1. It’s rattling Trump because this is going to cost him a lot of money, the only thing he truly loves as much as himself.

  2. “not paying taxes makes me smart”—Donald Trump. No it doesn’t make you smart, it makes you guilty.

    1. @TR E Again, you are off base. You aren’t the clairvoyant you think you are, for you are incorrect about what I think. I hereby end this dialogue as you are obviously incapable of NOT casting aspersions. Be well.

    2. @Jon Jackson – Now reality lands. Weisselburg must be terrified- handcuffed and booked like a common criminal. And trump no longer has the power of the pardon. Quelle freaking domage.

    3. @FarginhoodMcBastage – Most people pay their fair share of taxes and resent those who don’t or who get out of serving our country in the military through illicit means. Your alleged hero has not been a citizen but rather a cheap grifter. You proud of that?

    1. @Tricia C – The Trump family has been evading taxes since the 1940’s. 

      My guess is the amount of taxes evaded between Donald and his father is $500 million.

      The average educated person asks, how can anyone get away with so much fraud. 

      Part of the answer is they create complex legal structures and for any one auditor to try and unravel it, takes a long time. Then the IRS auditor needs to present it to higher ups who may not want to spend the manpower to try and collect a few millions in taxes. 

      Or, more likely, the accused will lawyer up and hire retired IRS auditors to reduce the sum. 

      So in a case where IRS see $5,000,000 of taxes were not paid, they know it will be a big fight and end up with a settlement close to $1-2 million or less, so the IRS goes after low hanging fruit, given their limited resources. 

      That is money laundering via the drug trade.

      99.9% of the taxpaying public is not in a position to evade $5,000,000 of tax. But of those who are , there are many who know that in a worse case scenario, if they get investigated, and if they put up a good fight, that $5,000,000 might only be $2,000,000 they have to pay. 

      Trump took this ideology and ramped it up, with a complex web of legal entities.

      Certainly, IRS agents in the past, have looked at Trump and his taxes and it is reasonable to assume more than one, wanted to investigate him, but superiors likely threw cold water on the idea, as it was too complex a case and would require a large team ofIRS- CID folks and they are in short supply.

      Someone in the Trump organization figured this to a long time ago and they took full advantage of the fact, they were in a way ,” too big a octopus ” for the FEDS to take on.

      DA Vance took on that octopus.

    2. @Sam Sam Sam Sam you have been Slammed Slammed Just like the Orange Criminal Was INDICTED , INDICTED. If RETRUMPLICANS were SOOO Concerned about NY they Wouldn’t have Refused to FUND THE POLICE, NOT ONE RETRUMPLICAN VOTED TO FUND THE POLUCE. SO GET REAL REAL SAM SAM You Need A New CONSPIRACY THEORY, Keep them Comming, Fly that Butt Hurt Orange Flag, 80 Million Americans are laughing with you, OOPS, I mean. at you. BAHAHA. LMAO

    3. @Sunny Days you sound stupid you delusional the democrats approval rating been slammed slammed . Yall really think people believe that it Republican . this will be fun to watch .

    4. @Sunny Days and laughing at me for what it the democrats run cities with high crime . yall the main ones being affected 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 . yall should be mad but yall brain wash .

  3. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. Thank you for posting this every day, every video, every where you can. Gratefully, Dennis

    2. @DENNIS OSSIANDER RMP LMT CST Thank you Dennis for adding your fuel to my fire! 👍🤜😃

    1. @Junie Jake he lowered taxes only for corporations and the super- wealthy, meanwhile he spent almost as much as Obama. Don’t you remember when he told you that he would get us out of debt?

    2. @pat kane Junie is here to get paid for his DISINFORMATION campaign with a <4 month account> IGNORE 🇸🇮

    3. @Cynthia Gonzalez

      Lol seriously, find new nerd words. I’ve spoken only my opinion, you woke supremacists don’t think any opinions matter except your own, you are guilty of suppression Lol.

  4. We also didn’t ever have a President until Trump who encouraged a mob to stop Congress from performing their duties. Weisselberg is just the tip of what was going on there.

    1. @Charles Manson of course I can. Perhaps you should look them up and see the extent of some of the injuries. Stop being ignorant, it’s not a good look

    2. @MilkCow They can’t start a case against someone b/c they look/act ‘dirty’ (even though they are). They have to wait for probable cause. This didn’t happen until Michael Cohen got wrapped up. Soon after, this investigation was launched… Cohen’s Grand Jury testimony is was started this officially IMO.

    3. @Charles Manson The rioting last year was destructive, that’s true. I don’t know what you mean by “congress stopped cops” from doing their jobs. Could you explain to which legislation you are referring? Could you also explain why that has anything to do with this topic – Trumps accountant being arrested?

    1. They said the taxes wouldn’t come out. They said nothing would be found. They said no indictments would be issued. Now the Trump supporters say Trump hasn’t been touched by this investigation. Well, let’s just be patient please?

    2. @Fen Wan Are you often in support of criminals that rob their country, and all the taxpayers?

    1. @Polar Opposite for someone who isn’t racist, trump sure does say and do a lot of racist things.

    2. @Gary Campbell “No person shall give, offer to give or participate in giving any money or gifts, including but not limited to food and drink to a voter.”

  5. This is exclusively why Donald Trump did not want to present his tax returns when he was president! So anyone who wants to say that Donald Trump was unaware of all of this illegality… is full of BS!

    1. Simply wistful thinking by the liberal left. 1.17 million in 12 years averages a 100K of undeclared income a year, that’s like no more than 40,000 of taxes each year. You really think he schemed to steal 40K from the IRS each year, the CFO of a billion dollar company? Idiots.

    2. @Chuck Schenck If you could reason with a Trump supporter they wouldn’t be a Trump supporter 🤣

    3. the charges are more serious than prior reporting suggested. Stories in the last few days undersold the case by describing it as one about fringe benefits.
      The scheme charged is a 15-year conspiracy to evade taxes, the commission of other crimes in addition to the scheme to defraud in the first degree, namely grand larceny in the second degree , along with various charges for falsifying records.
      Can you say RICO act .

    4. @Prof. Weed I’m rather going to enjoy watching Biden tank the economy. Next showing will be 👿 cratic destroy blue city and last but best invasion of the brown people as they swarm up this once.s great country . All because we have a old man suffering from dementia in the white house the name of China Joe .

    1. Except Martha got out of prison with friends. I don’t think it’s gonna’ be that way for the Princess.

  6. Even if trump doesn’t go to prison, as long as he loses his properties, money and anything else that he owns:)

    1. @TR E It may be a joke to you but everyone in the drumpf klan are walking on pens and needles..

      The SDNY has been preparing these cases for quite some time.. They likely already have enough hard evidence to not even need testimonies from the defendants, they’re just following standard protocol for the sake of redundancy and to eliminate the possibility of escape for persons considered to be high flight risks.

    2. @Jeffrey Hagelin No dude. Please. This is media hype and nothing else. This is not even a crime. If they had anything he would have been named. They are fishing

    3. @TR E The SDNY”s investigations have discovered several instances of tax fraud in the form of tax ‘gifts’ in the form of unreported hotels , grand children tuition fees and free limousines,, amounting to several million dollars,, all under condition of loyalty to Trump…

      This isn’t an alternate reality these are the facts, the Southern District of New York is closing in on this one..

    4. @TR E Several years ago, l was a young soldier waiting to catch a plane out of Newark New Jersey, heading to Boston..
      A group of young ladies approached, whom l was told later, were members of a brain washed religious sect called the Moonies..

      One girl approached me and asked me if l wanted to buy a flower for five dollars..
      I felt sorry for the girl so l pulled out my wallet, getting ready to help her out, before I knew it, she reached into my open wallet and grabbed a twenty dollar bill, exclaiming, “That will be just right !”. by then she was hurrying off into the crowd, heading for the next “sucker”.. l was 22 years old but I learned something about brain washed cults, just as you some day will also..

    5. @BenjWarrant BARRY, Traitor Trumps got a Great Deal, Mar-A Swampo being sold At Fire sale prices, (If it’s not Foreclosed on 1st) to pay for the Fines /Penalties, Judgements, Attorney Fees ETC… The next 6 months are going to be so much fun!!! LMAO

    1. @michael hammond lol. I’d care about your comment if the trump supporters haven’t made it clear over the last four years they don’t care about quid pro qou. The just ignore it when trump does it but then try and make it a big issue with someone else.

    2. @michael hammond this from a trump supporter. Law and auto is just fine with you I guess.

    3. @Michael Phillips you used “lol” really? Ha ha that canceled everything else you wrote….which I didn’t bother after “lol” …so 2008

    4. @michael hammond of course it’s 2008 like. I’m old enough that I don’t give a &$#@ about sounding like I’m cool.

      My question – can you dispute my point?

  7. Now we get to see how deep weasleberg’s loyalty goes. His ex daughter-in-law thinks he’ll flip and I hope he does.

    1. Michael Cohen said that after he was indicted, Trump threw him under the bus and he became aware of that. Same thing will happen with Weaselberg.

    2. @Michelangelo Buonarroti Except you are lying. But hey, enjoy your latest fake news gossip. Responsible Americans are about fed up with you idiots.

    3. I hope he flips.
      but goebles and his wife followed hitler to the very end. Weasleburg might as well. And if he does take that bullet for trump and claim all responsibility, it might work.

    4. @Rev Fester BesterTester Cohen just said that this afternoon, pay attention, news travels fast. Weaselburg will likely flip and still spend time, and trump will disown him exactly like Cohen. And you are right, us responsible Americans are fed up with you idiots

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