'Here, right matters': Alexander Vindman and Trump's first impeachment | USA TODAY 1

‘Here, right matters’: Alexander Vindman and Trump’s first impeachment | USA TODAY


Alexander Vindman, NSC staffer who sparked Trump's first impeachment, tells his story.
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In "Here, right matters," retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman talks about reporting Trump's infamous Ukraine call, and the cost to him and his family.

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    1. @UK Boxing Blogger News I apologize sir you are correct it’s inappropriate for me to publicly address that officer that way.

      I do apologize. I should not intrude upon the fake messages of hope. Of all of the lies at least it’s the best of the lies.

      Good Day Sir!

    2. @Rose Smith shouldnt you be telling vindman to grow up engaging in pathetic leaks because he is a liberal that hated trump, has an imagination of a 5 year old kid and your telling me to grow up lol

    1. You call a born soviet russian a true patriot lol how messed up some Americans truly are lol

    2. @UK Boxing Blogger News I call military officers with Purple Hearts and a lifetime of service a patriot.

    1. @JeepGirl17 Gatton my fault. I thought we were criticizing the guy who criminals cited as their reason for storming Congress, not the dude who made a single report IAW the law.

  1. Treated You The EXACT same
    are being treated by the one’s
    who BUNKERED DOWN On Jan 6th

  2. Thank you Mr. Vindman. I am honored to know people like you exist. Just know that being on Lord Dampnuts hate list puts you way up there with Angels as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Rosie smith vindman is a russian lol and he is a traitor and im from the uk, he is like a gay 14 year old boy

  3. I need to remember him as one of the people reminding us of real individual acts of courage and conscience. On my wall of heroes you go Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. One person can make a difference

  4. Damn you guys really do need Trump to stay relevant as newsworthy don’t you. This is just pathetic why don’t you try actually reporting what’s going on…not what’s sugarcoated. You might find people will watch again

    1. @James A Lafayette actually no this came across my feed and I couldn’t resist commenting on the BS. I don’t watch mainstream media.

  5. The Illuminati or whatever tf they go by, there the reason why all the weird shlt happens and we don’t know why.

    1. So much to say about your comment. I’ll just leave it ‘they’re’ – the word is they’re not there.
      It’s a contraction of “they are” – you lose the space and the ‘a’ and you place a ‘ to indicate the contraction. Use ‘their’ for the possessive of ‘them’ – if they own something that thing is ‘their’ thing.
      And use ‘there’ for everything else.
      As for the intent in your comment, I’m afraid there’s no hope for you.
      [You see… “there’s” – there is is contracted to there’s with the ‘ replacing the missing space and i (from is).
      Good luck with your words.
      Commiserations about your thoughts.

  6. nice guy…here at kitchen’s desk as well as during the impeachment while wearing his uniform….same personality, same dedication…..worthy of full respect

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