1. A Mercenary state whish acts as 🇺🇲n Private contractor like Blackwater. A state responsible for OBL, A nation 🇺🇲 still supports but the american taxpayers never ask why?

    1. Tax payer of America never ask why their country invaded in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,pakistan and destroy these countries?

  2. But Americans have been giving hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars to Islamic Muslim countries oil producers what happened with the billions and trillions of dollars that went into the pockets of Islamic Muslim Arab countries the property to Europe America Asia and especially to Africa don’t they have like three four trillion dollars in change to give to Pakistan Afghanistan but the world hardworking taxpayers who gave at the pump at the pump at the pump at the pump

  3. Build giant arks prepare for the future spread them out throughout ones country that will flood due to climate change . These arks would be ready to be used at a moment notice . They would be like mini cities and well supplied . Could be used as hospital, clinic etc . Will be expensive but could be done . I could go on and on about this . 🛳

  4. Feeling sorry for my ailed Sindh and my Sindhi people. We the people of Sindh are feeings lots of problems. This torrential rain destroyed our houses and now this stagnant water has been spreading dengue, malaria other deceases. May God help us and put us out of this devastating situation.😥

  5. Our govt. and army both are responsible for this miserable condition of people ,they made our nation so helpless and poor ,we never deserve this

  6. The whole world is looking at Ukraine, but forgetting the many other crises that are occurring. This is what climate change can cause…

  7. Pakistan needs food, shelter, medicine and mental health professionals.
    Due to the stigma of mental illness almost none go treated despite Pakistan having the highest levels of mental illnesses due to practicing incest.
    $10 million wont be enough. It will cost over $200,000 a year to treat each one every year.

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