Here's how electric vehicles can cut global warming | Just the FAQs 1

Here’s how electric vehicles can cut global warming | Just the FAQs


Electric vehicles have become a hot trend. But how much better are they for the environment than standard gas or diesel-powered cars?

After years of sluggish adoption, electric vehicles are poised for a sharp increase in sales, new products and investments that could eventually make the gasoline engine a thing of the past.

Look no further than Wall Street, where investors are positively giddy about the prospect of established automakers offering full lineups of electric vehicles, like General Motors, and about the chances of startups like Lucid Motors and Rivian that are promising groundbreaking EVs to come.

In recent weeks, GM, Volvo and Jaguar have announced commitments to phase out gas-powered vehicles within the next 15, 10 and five years. Tesla's lineup has always been fully electric.

Plus, the arrival of the Biden administration and a Senate controlled by Democrats are giving electric car proponents hope of a new round of tax incentives to encourage electric car buying.

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  1. LMAO! Global warning hoax still crawling! Even an all time cold winter won’t stop these deranged con artists.

  2. At the end of this video, it seems the final conclusion is to eliminate cars in the altogether to get rid of greenhouse gases & pollution

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