Here's how Health Canada approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 1

Here’s how Health Canada approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine


Health Canada's Dr. Supriya Sharma says the Pfizer vaccine was only approved after meeting scientific and medical standards.


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  1. “It meets our standards” These standards have been a moving goal post. So much so I think they classify as torpedo’s.

  2. Don’t get it if you have had cancer, severe allergic reactions to food or medicine…LOL…so how safe is it?

    1. @lostsignalreception The nurses had a history of allergic reactions to vaccines, why is it surprising they had one this time too?

    1. The federal provincial municipal government are not getting vaccinated. They are exempt from vaccinations.

    1. So does Blinky scarf Dr that works for Trump.that lady blinks constantly. Eyes are the window and that’s a sign of deception.imo.

    1. @Jess Tamayo I’ll cry like a baby like E BUG since you said… HERE IT GOES I AM GONNA CRY HAHAHA I DON’T NEED ONE EITHER BAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. The benefits outweigh the potential risks. Don’t you mean the risks outweigh the potential benefits lol

  4. How can approval be given when it is still experimental?
    How can a conclusive decision be made when the data on these experimental vaccines are incomplete to begin with?
    When has Health Canada ever approved experimental pharmaceuticals of any sort before?
    Why are the manufacturers being exonerated of all liabilities?

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