Here's how the pandemic has affected the racial wealth gap | Just the FAQs 1

Here’s how the pandemic has affected the racial wealth gap | Just the FAQs


With more unemployment, less savings to fall back on, many Black families were disproportionately hurt by COVID-19. Here's the wealth gap, explained. RELATED:

With less savings to fall back on during the COVID-19 pandemic, Black households went deeper into debt and were more likely to fall behind on their mortgages than their white peers, according to a new analysis given exclusively to USA TODAY.

The report by the Center For American Progress (CAP) offered a grim snapshot of the disproportionate financial toll the global health crisis took on Black Americans, who also died from the virus at a higher rate than white Americans and were more likely than their white peers to become unemployed or to work front-line jobs that put their health at risk.

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  1. With an entire coast on fire for over a month, two whirlwinds in the atlantic ocean and covid ripping thru america are you still trying to pimp wealth? lol

  2. Imagine trying to divide the poor even more than they already are with the white vs. rest rhetoric. It needs to be exploited vs. exploiters. Make the hyper rich pay their fair share and invest into infrastructure, so families from rich to lower class backgrounds can utilize resources to better their lives.

  3. The problem is that families are not staying together. Mother and father not in one house. Mother has to take care of multiple children and do twice the worlk since father is not around. On the other hand, you see some families, the grandparents die, and their money goes to pay for grandchildren’s college. They have life insurance so that if anybody die, the family is taken care of. Get life insurance and parents need to stay together in one home!

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