Here's what it's like to house hunt in one of the craziest markets in the country 1

Here’s what it’s like to house hunt in one of the craziest markets in the country


Austin, Texas, is arguably the hottest real estate market in the country, with home prices up more than 40 percent since last April. Follow one local family as they struggle to find a place in their price range. #CNN #News #Business


  1. I wouldnt be mad with it ,if you live in Belgium for that price you have like a piece off land with no home…or almost no land but just a crapy house.

    1. You can buy a very very very tiny apartment with that money in Amsterdam ..

      But in other places in the Netherlands you can buy a okay house for that price if other people don’t offer more money than you do

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  3. They literally said SAMETHING in 2008. I looked for home and placed offer in over umm 100 homes in San Diego and was outbid even going over 50k back then. What goes around comes around but I remember them saying this then

    Oh forgot to add I ended up moving 1hr away where the homes were more sq ft and 100-200k less since it took over 1yr bidding in diego to get one but the 1st bid I put in a got 55 miles away LOL

    1. That would be true if this were a crediting issue. However, its an actual housing issue and shortage of materials. There isn’t likely to be a “burst”, but rather a gradual easing as construction catches up with demand. That about 4 million homes.

    1. They saw dollar signs and got stars in their eyes. My intelligent neighbors used the increase in value to refinance their home and completely remodel it because they are educated and young, with a family to raise, and it’s a great neighborhood with wonderful people. I’ve lived in this house since 1984 when it cost $89,000 and dropped to $80,000 the next year when the bubble burst. It made no difference to me then or now. My property taxes are among the lowest in the neighborhood due to annual caps since forever.

    2. Agree 100%. People say all the time “wow, we could get SO MUCH money for our house!!!” But then I say “um, but where are you gonna go??” Unless you are 100% leaving the area (and good luck finding anywhere that is still affordable) it makes no sense.

  4. You can let the real estate market control the prices and play their sales games
    OR Buyers can tell them to piss off with their price games. YOU TELL THEM! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!

  5. They never should have accepted 8% over their house. They never said why they were selling their home in the first place. It’s smart of them to rent for now, this madness cannot continue.
    All these people that moved because they thought their employers would let them be 100% remote are in for a surprise soon.

    1. It depends on your industry. I’ve been remote for 6+ years now and traveling the world. There are a lot of employers that are seeing the light and realizing that an office is nothing more than a huge expense with very little benefits (again, industry dependent).
      Honestly, an employer would have to be pay me double for me to consider moving back state-side and do the 9-5 dance again.

    2. That’s wishful thinking prices are only going to go up.

  6. I live in Austin Texas. Houses that costed 300k now cost over a million and the property taxes are like auto-gentrification. Its hard to even buy a home anymore.

    1. I’m off Guadalupe in a million dollar home (renting) it feels crazy to think that. This should be like 400-500K

  7. I live in Austin and own a home that was worth $300,000 two years ago and $600,000 now. It’s paid off and newly remodeled and I’m not going anywhere.

  8. Texas was supposed to be attractive for the East and west coast refugees because of “affordability”. But the affordability only applies if your migrating from the coast. The moral of the story is…remodel.

  9. I pray for them. I’m hopefully closing on a house In Houston this week and what an ordeal . I’m a first time buyer too.

  10. Housing in Toronto, Canada is so out of reach that the neighbouring city Hamilton is now moving out of reach for ordinary families. Homes are selling for $200,000 over the asking price. The high cost of family homes is feeding a market frenzy for apartment buildings to be emptied of existing tenants to raise rents. An ordinary two bedroom apartment is now coming close to $2000 a month. Unless you are willing to pay the game you sit tight where you are.

  11. I’m sitting in a million dollar 6 bedroom 3 bath in central austin that should cost like 500K. Boy I love this market.

  12. And we thought the housing crash in 08 was bad. That’s gonna be like a day in the park compared to what’s going to happen to this real estate bubble

  13. This is all Trumps fault from his mishandling of the pandemic and everything getting shut down

  14. For 8% they chose to make themselves homeless. They must have learned that at Trump University.

  15. Amazing video I hope they get that house everybody deserves their own home somehow someway

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