Here's what you should do if you've been bitten by a tick 1

Here’s what you should do if you’ve been bitten by a tick


Warmer weather means the risk of tick bites is going up. Here's what to do if you get bit.
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    1. @Foking Livid it’s a report from Montreal, the place where the river narrows, not Toronto, the place where the mind narrows.

  1. Ten hours to see at doctor at the ER. This is your tax dollars hard at work. I’m not blaming the staff or the doctors, but that is ridiculous. This is typical government shortsightedness.

    1. @Brooke Skylar Shields nice. I’ve gone to emergency late at night a couple times, and even when the place is empty I wait for over an hour. With chest pain.

    2. You can visit a GP for a tick bite. If you show up at an ER you will be going straight to bottom of the priority queue.

    3. @Jim Trainor: very true but you would still get quicker service for it at a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

  2. I’ve had thousands of ticks on me over the years. Just like any other insect and another stay inside campaign on your tiny brains.

  3. Since when have ticks become an issue in Canada. I lived there 60s to 2005 never heard of such a thing in sw Ontario

    1. The prevalence of Lyme disease in ticks in Ontario and Quebec has increased in recent years. That’s the issue.

    2. @-AZ- True. I got bit last fall. It was either in my back yard when I was raking leaves or it was at a local dog park. I was nowhere near the wilderness.

  4. 10hrs f**king hours to see a doctor.. lol
    Where is our tax money went to????
    Trudeau’s pockets????

    1. She went to wrong place for medical service. That’s the point of the story. An ER not the place to go for a tick bite. You’ll go straight to bottom of the priority list and you’ll stay there until there is nobody more urgent, which will be just about everybody.

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