1. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines authorized for distribution in the United States this December each went through a series of rigorous clinical trials. More than 15,000 people received each vaccine in the final phase of these tests, and both vaccines were found to be more than 90% effective at preventing coronavirus, and with no serious safety concerns. Since the vaccines began to be distributed, there have been a few cases of recipients having allergic reactions to the vaccine, but those incidents were not serious. All potential adverse reactions to the vaccines are being closely monitored, part of an intense, ongoing protocol for making sure new vaccines are safe.

    2. @Puggalug we don’t know if mRNA vaccines are safe, we’ve never used them on wide spread population before; we’ve never had to vaccinate against a lab made virus. Have you seen the project veritas video’s on Pfizer?

    1. Oooooof. 2/3rds of parents say they will not vaccinate their young kiddos … what does that tell you? And we have already been vaccinated, but we will protect our children.

  1. Please pray for me I’m losing my faith! Recently I was fired for not getting the vaccine I was worried about side effects. I have lupus and been struggling for years with all my meds, aches and pains. I’m a single mother with two autistic boys now with no income. We are running low on food and daily necessities. I feel so alone, and embarrassed.

    1. Why do you keep repeating that story? Hasn’t it progressed by now? I believe what I asked you about before, is if you’ve consulted with your doctor in order to find a vaccine solution for you, taking into consideration your lupus.

    2. You made the right choice. Just think, you have a longer life span without the vax. Now, stop being a karen and deal with your problems, you’re not alone.

    3. Seek after the Lord and pray for Him to step into your life. With man nothing is possible with God all things are possible. These satanic puppets are doing all in their power to break the faith of believers. Please do not give up hope I’ll be praying for you. We will be out of here soon. God bless you.

    4. @ Angela,
      Please, visit dr. Ken D. Berry (MD) here at youtube.
      When you eat low carb, a lot of health issues disappear. It will help you to feel much better and you will lern a lot about your own body.
      Dr. Ken D. Berry has a lot of video’s here on yt. May God bless you 🙏

  2. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  3. USA Today, one of the “premier” news publications in America. On Youtube: 2 million subscribers, 298 views. 31 likes. 19 dislikes. LMAO. Pathetic. 20 dislikes now.

  4. Will the benefits still outweigh the risks when a child dies from them or has lifelong health problems from them???? These are not safe for anyone no matter what crap you people are feeding us.

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