Here's who Tom Mulcair thinks will be added to Justin Trudeau's next cabinet 1

Here’s who Tom Mulcair thinks will be added to Justin Trudeau’s next cabinet


CTV News Political Commentator and ex-NDP leader Tom Mulcair discusses who he expects to be added and dropped from Justin Trudeau's cabinet.

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  1. Why is Tom Mulcair a relevant speaker all of a sudden? Didn’t he successfully lose the NDPs opposition status with his poor campaign run? Now he is a go-to analyst? Politics wasnt for him but political analysis is?

    1. You can make mistakes in leadership and in campaigns and still have a ton of experience and very useful insight. Pretty simple.

    2. @ransom182 I agree. Have never been an NDP supporter but I find Tom Mulcair very informed on overall politics and speaks informatively and I think unbiased on all topucs thrown at him.

  2. The actual minister of immigration should be out of the next cabinet. His competence this last past two years was awfull Il doit être sorti du nouveau gouvernement

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