Here’s why AOC is a political powerhouse 1

Here’s why AOC is a political powerhouse


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a political force of nature since she took office in 2018. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how social media and money has propelled the 31-year-old to sweeping national stature.


AOC raises nearly $5 million in Texas relief efforts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins 'Animal Crossing'

Game On: AOC streams viral hit game 'Among Us'

Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have her eye on a Senate seat?

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Producer: Allison Gordon
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    1. She get crushed…..she never has her facts remotely correct, she’s achieved nothing and she will get clobbered in a debate. Oh wait and her party hates her.

    2. I don’t think so. But, what a bully pulpit she will make. When AOC says jump, politicians will ask, “how high?”

  1. When your a political powerhouse because your literally just doing your job, which is taking care and looking out for American citizens, it really highlights how so many of her colleagues are not in fact doing their job.

    1. The New York Magazine : 7th Accuser of Sexual Harassment by Governor Cuomo

      Reporter accuses Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment: ‘It wasn’t about sex. It was about power’

      A female reporter has claimed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo touched her inappropriately and made her feel uncomfortable in an attempt to impose his power on the young journalist, making her the the seventh accuser to come forward with claims of sexual harassment against the Democratic governor.

      “I never thought the governor wanted to have sex with me. It wasn’t about sex. It was about power,” Jessica Bakeman wrote. “He uses touching and sexual innuendo to stoke fear in us. That is the textbook definition of sexual harassment.”

      The New York magazine piece written by Bakeman, titled “Cuomo Never Let Me Forget I Was a Woman,” offered a first-person account of sexual harassment allegations against the embattled governor, who is now facing calls for his resignation by high-profile Democrats.3⃣

    2. @F22 Pilot You really shouldn’t politicise sexual harassment and rape. It is awful how you trivialise something that too many people experience on a daily basis

    3. New York Times , March 16, 2021 :
      NY Governor Cuomo ( D) helped draft letter disparaging his first sexual harassment accuser: report

      Soon after the first woman accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment last December, the governor and his close associates worked to draft a letter attacking the former aide’s credibility, a new report said Tuesday.

      The letter, which was never released, disparaged Lindsey Boylan and accused her of coming forward for “political retribution,” according to a copy reviewed by The New York Times.

      Boylan, one of seven women to accuse Cuomo of inappropriate conduct, first made her claims in a series of Twitter posts — before sparking the sexual harassment scandal against the governor with more details in a post to the website Medium.

      In the days after Boylan’s tweets, at least one draft of the attack letter began circulating among allies to the governor’s current and former top aides, sources told the newspaper.

      The initial intention was to get former top statehouse staffers — with a focus on women — to sign onto the letter, the report said.

      One draft of the letter noted a campaign consultant to Boylan, who is now a Democratic candidate for Manhattan borough president, also worked for a Cuomo political enemy.

      The letter went on to say that Boylan was “supported by lawyers and financial backers of Donald Trump: an active opponent of the governor,” according to the Times.
      It concluded: “Weaponizing a claim of sexual harassment for personal political gain or to achieve notoriety cannot be tolerated. False claims demean the veracity of credible claims.”//////////::::::::///////

    4. @Richard Smart what?? What are you talking about?? Welcome to America. We speak English in this country.

    1. @michael Ro I’m not for socialism and there are some democrats who are. that makes me nervous for my party.

    2. @danielandTeresa bowlin I am not for socialism either. It all depends on what you mean by socialism. I have observed the 2 parties and from what I see the Democrats have 60% good and 40%bad.
      Republican party, 20% good and 80% bad. Middle of the road means comon sense and I am for that. Intentions matters and it is of the spirit and that is what God will judge.

    3. @Jaguar Warrior you Republican haters hate it when someone does something good for Americans, don’t you?

  2. I LOVE how everybody points out that AOC tended bar four years ago… but never mention how she also worked for non-profit centers and in political campaign offices as well… As if NO American has to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. As if AOC DIDN’T HAVE to work as a bartender and waitress to help her mother, who had two jobs herself, keep her home from being foreclosed by the banks and to help pay for her double major in economics and international relations … I just LOVE how that is always conveniently glossed over to try to paint AOC as nothing more than a vapid bimbo or something.

    1. Non profit every time you get money from politicians or government you end up having to pay it back!!!

    2. @Will P i don’t think you know the definition of socialism. Her ideas are closely aligned with social democracies like Sweden but they aren’t socialist.

  3. Her and Bernie are the reason why so many young people like me are getting involved in politics. Our government should be run to meet public needs, not to make profits for a few.

    1. @worldofazeroth “The extreme left” or, alternatively, POLICIES WHICH ARE IN PLACE IN EVERY OTHER FIRST-WORLD COUNTRY – jog on, arsehole.

      Many thanks!

    2. @Bill King Jog-on, Bill Queen, you drooling arsehole – muchas gracias, amiga, y ir con el Diablo.

  4. And the fact that she raised money for a red state is great.. even though she does not agree with there values she moved beyond differences and disagreements and help those people in need

    1. @YouTube Censors no that not what im saying… if yuh vote for someone who thinks they are above the law and openly shows he doesn’t give af about us or y’all… he made like 200 million dollars off of y’all about stop the steal and y’all gave him money… he is racist and its been proven when he showed racial bias against us during blm compared to the capitol insurrection

    2. @Derek Long I gave Trump money??? When??

      That’s news to me.

      And Biden is more racist than Trump.

    3. @YouTube Censors Yeah thats the picture y’all love to paint.. and yes y’all as a collective… y’all are his followers and would jump off a damn bring if he told y’all 2… Biden hasn’t even been depicted as a racist… If yuh wanna mention the who bus integration bill… black people were against that bill themselves… if yuh want to mention he said the N word then yuh would be taking what he said out of context because if he is under oath and reading the words of another whats the problem… actors say the n word and all in movies and y’all dont call them racist….me as a black person who dont play that even understood the subject matter of that conversation

    4. @Derek Long I am not the Borg. There is no collective. This isn’t Star Trek.

      Identity politics is for the feeble minded. The weak.

      Of which I am neither.

      I voted Trump to serve my self interest. I made ALOT of money while he was in office.

      Tax cuts were really good for me as is Wall Steerts record highs that have quadrupled my 401k and Roth IRA.

      You are a hive thinker. How limiting.

  5. The thing you also have to remember is she’s a Justice Democrat. So whatever she raises isn’t from corporations or Rich donors it’s from every day American people. And there is a huge difference with money in politics when that money is coming from everyday American and you are holding to those everyday Americans and not your corporate overlords and Rich donors.

    1. @lou Albino Also, from the figures I have provided, you will, unless you are an utter window-licker, be able to discern that most of her funding comes from small, individual supporters, NOT massive companies – although, Amazon being there is just FANTASTIC, considering every reich-winger’s apparent obsession with relations between Alexandria and that company, wouldn’t you agree, senor Stupid?

  6. You haven’t taken into consideration of the fact she almost never asks for money , so when she does u know it’s for a reason

    1. @Mathieu L he can t reel away why? Because the US defence (private) corporations has millions of employees under yeah he doesn’t have the balls to take up the challenge to find another way

    1. @john adams Nothing to do with, y’know, Covid-19 and the difference in the cost of living between NY and Texas, is it?

      Now jog-on, arsehole – muchas gracias, amiga!

    2. @john adams Cruz and AOC aren’t dictators, they don’t control every thing, it’s mainly state and local governments that do that

    3. @john adams What AOC was doing here was… HELPING TEXANS! Not jetting off on a vacation in Cancun… like TED CRUZ.
      I was working nearby while she was HERE helping to get donations and assisting with getting food, water, and other goods delivered to the people of Texas in need… You know, the standard types of things that Government Leader would do if there was a disaster in their state. AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN LIVE HERE! Beto O’Rourke was also out doing volunteering work in the parking lots handing out food… And he is doesn’t even hold a government office… read that HE IS NOT PAID by the people. The elitist, ReTrumplicans seem to think we work for them. They have forgotten, We The People. We will remind them every 2 years when we go to vote.

    4. @ziqi92 Cruz has a secret crush on AOC. not surprising because of what Donald Duck revealed about his wife’s appearance.

  7. People relate to AOC. Period. As long as that remains true. She’ll be in a position to make a difference.

    1. @Moe Zura If I, say, couldn’t even capitalise my typed English properly, I would be a wee bit, um, reticent about impugning ANYBODY else’s intelligence – now, jog-on, arsehole.

      Blagodaryu vas, KKKretin!

    2. @Richard Pierpoint tighten your mask and keep hiding in your basement… LIBERTY is too scary for some people… stay frightened.

  8. Alexandria’s ability to raise money quickly and create a large online following are a direct correlation to her doing what she was elected to do, support and give a voice to her constituents. It’s a pity that she’s one of the few, not the many.

  9. I’ve been telling this the very first time AOC announced her candidacy, she’s the future of American politics.

  10. AOC for president, end drug war, fight poverty, have police ACTUALLY serve and protect, fight racism,. AOC, sensitive, sensible, smart and STRONG.

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