Here's why Canada has access to the COVAX program 1

Here’s why Canada has access to the COVAX program


Canada could receive at least 1.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from COVAX, an initiative to guarantee equitable access to doses, especially for developing nations.

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    1. Trudeau doesn’t care about Canada or saving lives though. He cares about handing out as much free stuff as he can to make everyone love him and bring as many immigrants here as he can for votes.

      The only reason he is doing this is because he failed miserably with procurement and now he’s stealing from 3rd world countries.

  1. All those years collecting UNICEF as a child I wish I knew I could take back some for myself… The liberals are on their last leg and taking from a fund for poor countries just shows how these liberals have F’d up their procurement contracts.

    1. The Liberals aren’t taking anything from anyone. The only way any vaccines are available to low income countries in Covax is when high income countries buy and share them, like Canada is doing. This is exactly how the program is designed to work.

    2. This is how the program is supposed to work. They are not taking anything that was not already promised to them, and many other countries will benefit because of our donation.

  2. Disgustin Justin stealing from the poor. What next, take back our food from OXFAM? Anyone who votes Liberal is no better. Despicable.

    1. YouTube is concerning my INFORMATION on child trafficking..

      That is the REAL PANDEMIC…

      They WILL all be held accountable. Documented by their own bloody hands

    1. As cost of living increases and the amount of unemployment increases, he most certainly is NOT looking out for Canadians smh.

    2. Lmfao, please explain how he is looking out for canadians by finally closing the border after a year. And he still hasnt done that. Has he helped canadians by keeping the economy shut down for a year destroying small business?

  3. As we do not have the capability to produce our own and the EU threatens to withold doses, should we just let our vulnerable seniors die? We have the right to use some of the doses we paid for.

    1. The EU isn’t withholding anything they have the labs they are taking care of their citizens
      How far would 440 000 000 gone to retooling and building labs to create the vaccines here . Trudeau was buying votes with his bleeding heart base and pretending that taxpayer money is something to be just tossed around like it’s nothing

    2. Thanks to the politicians the seniors who would have died from covid are already dead. The rest are most likely not at risk.

    1. @Ivo Beitsma None of my family, friends, co-workers or neighbors want theirs either, so you can have them too

  4. so half of $440,000,000.00= 220,000,000.00 divided by 1,900,000 doses =$115 per dose. Seems expensive. I thought vaccines on average were going to cost $30-$40 a dose?

  5. Jason Nickerson can gth – USA has not contributed anything to Covax and every Canadian has some risk from Covid-19. We should take our tax money back from this program if we are to be censured or if doses we are entitled to are delayed to past when we can get them elsewhere. Canadians are tired of being the doormat to the world – always helping out, rarely appreciated or assisted by others.

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