Here’s why egg and other food prices are soaring across the US | JUST THE FAQS


  1. I mean the new generation you just have to prepare them early because it’s definitely going to be hard with a new generation for sure

  2. In the past five years the population of the country has gone up about 10 million people. Higher demand = higher prices.

  3. Do you think that perhaps when President cabbage brain flooded the U.S. economy with 3,000,000,000 newly printed dollar bills and limited the refining of crude oil may have contributed to inflation ? Anyway, that’s what I was taught in economics class , but the monetary theory may have changed since I was in school.

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  6. The first food, I taught my kids to cook was eggs.
    I told them, even if times get hard, you can always afford eggs. 😆🤣

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