Here’s why Mulcair thinks Poilievre has rattled Trudeau

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair weighs in on Pierre Poilievre and Justin Trudeau's tense exchanges in the House of Commons and what's at stake for the prime minister as with U.S. President Joe Biden's visits Canada.

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  1. Come on, Tom. Call a spade a spade. Roxham Road is not an irregular crossing, its an ILLEGAL crossing.

    1. Pierre Poilievre is definitely much sharper than uh….um…uh…….. Justin Trudeau – our entitled singing showboat!

    2. I dont think he ever had any to begin with.. he just had a lot of Coat tails to ride throughout his life

    3. @Politically Disgruntled. Yet has been PM for 8 years…and the 4th PC leader since he was elected PM. What’s that say about the lack of viable leaders running for PM in Canada?

  2. I think he is rattled as he is worried what will come out when Katie Telford is questioned at committee.

    1. Naw, they stalled getting her to testify so they can coach her on what to say…Jagemeet knew she was gonna testify beforehand, that’s why he made his grandstanding speech about holding Trudeau “accountable” ….the sad thing is some ppl believed him

  3. You missed the Bonus points….
    You neglected to mention that Pierre is rattling Trudeau with FACTS. True statements. Something Trudeau knows nothing about is Truth. That’s why he flubbed his answer….in reality.

    1. PP believes in his conviction right or wrong. JT goes with the wind so he waffles depending on the policital climate at the time.

    1. @Zac Campbell I want Trudeau out more than anyone. Maxime doesn’t change his stance based on polling or focus groups. Pierre is a little greasy that way. He just voted in favour of a bill promoting perverse ideologies being forced on kids as well. I ain’t down.

  4. Most times when Trudeau gets up in the House to speak or answer you can just see if not feel the Liberal MPs suckin wind!

  5. It’s doesn’t matter how much poise or how articulate one can speak, when their way is lost; their words are valueless.
    Trudeau is nothing short of the poorest leader this Nation has ever seen.

    1. @Cedric Well, then lets introduce ourselves at his contracted disciples, cottages this spring and voice our concerns, with shoe polish and love!

  6. Being caught doing shady stuff should be the reason he’s rattled but he will never be held accountable

  7. I’m actually touched to see an opposing politician (by views) be so frank and open and honest

  8. Lol. Every single time Pollievre roasts him in Parliament, sock boy screams ” partisan rhetoric” and cries. 😆

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