Here’s why Ted Cruz flying to Cancun was *so* bad 1

Here’s why Ted Cruz flying to Cancun was *so* bad


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was bombarded with negative press after he was spotted on social media hopping on a flight to Cancun with his family amid a devastating winter storm and subsequent power grid failure. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why what ended up being a very short trip was such a bad look.


Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder

Officials slam grid operator as dark comes and millions remain without power

While Cruz was traveling from Cancun, O'Rourke and AOC helped Texans in crisis

Ted Cruz is being mocked over photos showing him loading bottles of water into a car as he seeks to rebuild his reputation after the Cancun vacation debacle

Ted Cruz Says He Flew Family To Mexico Because He Wanted ‘To Be A Good Dad’

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    1. For what? Look what the Dems did to the election and CNN supported it. That will be remembered. Stop stirring the pot you hack. Your network is pathetic and on its way out.

    2. @Evan Murphy awww and here I was sitting nice and cozy with my patio door open playing escape from tarkov all week lmao

    1. @D.A.L. your right……I should have said, the rough gets going to Cancun. What a freaking loser to think that was alright to do. He has no values or conscience

    2. when the going gets mildly inconvenient, AOC starts crying and screaming racism and cuomo kills people and sweeps it under the rug.

  1. Cruz also took no thought when the little trip to Cancun is going to cost is kids and extra week without school due quarantine polices. Makes one wonder why he’s not too.

  2. There was a minister in Ontario, Canada named Rod Phillips who was caught vacationing in St Barts during the pandemic. His excuse was that he booked the trip a few months before and didn’t know we would be in lockdown. However he booked it during the pandemic when his own government was telling people not to travel so we were canceling travel plans. He even did a Christmas video of himself by the fireplace urging people to stay home that was released while he was on a Caribbean island. He resigned as minister

    1. @Mr. S cruz is an elected senator he should know better, his job is to help Texans in any capacity, not to abandon them at the moment they needed him the most.

    1. @J.B. liars like the guy who said he wasn’t going on vacation and he would be right back? Yeah, let’s take his word for it…

  3. Not to mention his flight was set to leave in Saturday and then return Thursday…. So… Yea that was a lie. Oh and he also brought his college roommate along for the trip.

    1. No..he left on Thursday to return sat night..he got caught, changed his return flight fir fri then came home to his house that had heat n power back on while others froze for 3 more days..then went out without quarantine, shook hands n crowded in ppls faces..HIM being vaccinated doesnt keep ppl who havent been, safe..he got no test in the 1st 3-5 days per cdc, he didnt quarantine, and has he had an antibody testing to see if hes negative?..

    2. @Dude Man Actually he is trying to use whataboutism or the “look over there” ploy. Normally used by children. It’s all you people have.

  4. I’m sure his Staff told him he needed to get his butt on the first plane back ASAP. Sad that he had to be told that leaving his State in chaos was looking bad.

    1. Want to tell us all what kind of power he had to do anything? Was he supposed to wave a magic wand and fix everything, because that’s about the ONLY power he might have had. Why is it that when democRATS run from disasters that YOU SAY NOTHING but when lame stream media tells you to show your phony outrage against a Republican you jump with both feet??????

    2. @Babe Meurer Can you name a democrat that did anything remotely close to showing their disdain for the people of the State the represent? I’ll wait.

    3. @Taylor Fox Pelosi, Waters are good examples. Pelosi’s district LITERALLY is a sh!thole and she NEVER goes into the city except for photo ops. You can’t even walk the streets anymore. Waters’ district is so nasty SHE WON’T EVEN LIVE IN IT! And the ONLY time she’s ever in her district is for photo ops and speeches, then GONE AGAIN!! Why don’t you name even ONE democRAT representative that hung around in a disaster and TOOK THE RESOURCES THAT COULD HAVE GONE TO THOSE REALLY IN NEED! BECAUDE IF THEY DID THAT THEN THEY’RE SCUMBAGS FOR DOING IT!! And most democRATS are like Clinton, CARPETBAGGERS who never lived in the State or District they supposedly represent anyway.

  5. Patagonia meant him when they said Vote The Assholes Out and he still wears it. Or course he doesn’t get the point.

  6. The point is he know he is going to be safe so he went for holiday. So the voters “deserve ” him I guess. Takes 2 hands to clap. 🙂

  7. Jesus now the media has ted cruise derangement syndrome. Let’s talk about Benghazi. Oh wait can’t smear mother Hillary

  8. Cruz: I just wanted to be a good dad.
    You’re a politician, you’re meant to be a parental figure to your constituents, especially in times of crisis.

    1. @HeatherTheGreat
      Ask Hunter what?
      He’s a private citizen. I don’t see him occupying or running for office but plenty of people want to drag him into politics.

    2. He is a bad example even for his own kids, I wonder what those girls are going to think about their dad in a few years when they realize their dad throwing them under the bus just to save his political skin.

  9. He was interviewed in his home with a fireplace, a luxury most of his constituents don’t have. He’s despicable.

  10. ‘Stay home,’ says US mayor at Mexico beach resort..A US mayor who flew off by private jet on holiday while urging residents to stay home is the latest politician to be accused of Covid-19 hypocrisy. Steve Adler, leader of Austin, Texas, went on a family getaway to Mexico as he told people to keep indoors amid spiralling virus caseloads. He recorded a video from the beach resort instructing residents back home: “This is not the time to relax.”

    But Mr Adler, a Democrat, denied violating his own regulations.

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