Here’s why we shouldn’t be too concerned about monkeypox | JUST THE FAQS

Here's why we shouldn't be too concerned about monkeypox | JUST THE FAQS 1


  1. Next weeks news, monkey pox outbreak in America and Americans will be debating that the vaccine does not work.

    1. @Mountain Bike Addict please explain what MRNA is and how vaccines are made. Im pretty sure there are different types of vaccines lol.

    2. @Mountain Bike Addict or maybe someone reported as misinformation since you know, it was lmao. It wasn’t me though

  2. This is not a normal monkey pox it has been genetically modified and could be dangerous. It is almost impossible for 12 countries outside of africa to simultaneously have cases within this short time span. This is not the same old monkey pox that we know about.

  3. These below viral outbreaks for the *past 100 years* have come from China 🇨🇳:
    – Spanish Flu, 1919
    – H2N2, 1957
    – H3N2, 1968
    – H5N1, 1997
    – SARS, 2003
    – H7N9 Bird Flu, 2006
    – H1N1 Swine Flu, 2009
    – Porcine Pestivirus, 2013
    – Covid-19, 2019
    – Monkeypox, 2022 (🇨🇳?).

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