Here's why you should take the first vaccine available to you, according to Dr. Chakrabarti 1

Here’s why you should take the first vaccine available to you, according to Dr. Chakrabarti


Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti says people should get the first COVID-19 vaccine available to them.

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  1. i wonder where dr chakrabarti gets his data from? reduces deaths? we know this after a couple of months without any control studies HOW?

  2. Nah, I’ll just wait for another year and see which one is the best and doesn’t have sides effects which are still unknown atm.

  3. All classed experimental vaccines for human use , that only treat symptoms and have serious side effects and and the experiment is ongoing for a virus that has a 99.95 per cent survivability rate and now there are pharmaceuticals with no side effects available . and now World scientists have peer-reviewed the Paper used by the W.H.O. to approve World wide testing , to be retracted based on science and conflict of interest ,as well as a court in Portugal stating that PCR testing may be 97 per cent inaccurate . Has trudeau verified any of the W.H.O. testing data to protect Canadians , or used possible fraudulent data to control Canadians ? Perhaps the legal profession should hold the government accountable for their actions or their lack of action .

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