Hero jumps onto alligator that attacks handler during children's party | Humankind 1

Hero jumps onto alligator that attacks handler during children’s party | Humankind


Every part of this alligator attack is shocking. From the bite to the heroism.
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Children's birthday party guest Donnie Wiseman saves alligator keeper Lindsay Bull when she is bitten by a gator at Scales and Tales Utah.

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  1. Great handling by the hero guest, but I’m still at alligators being used for entertainment at a children’s party. Merrica.

    1. @Herbert Caliste yeah tell em lol former Floridian we got alligators but we would NEVER DO THIS our Alligator are dinosaur sizes if you ask me but we never go near them . We watch from afar this wasn’t the place for them

  2. What a hero this man is. How he jumped out off that aligátor was amazing. Also the young lady was kind of amazing also

  3. Donnie is a true champ and a legend.
    No thought about his own safety and jumps straight in to assist with a croc emergency
    You are a rare breed nowadays

  4. Wow, this guy did everything right to help the trainer- from calling out for help to tackling the alligator himself, blessings to him & his loved ones!

    1. And asking her what she needed, and asking what information he needed in order to handle the situation right

    (I bet the guy that saved her was FREAKING OUT when he realized that HE stranded !!)

  6. How fast it was trying to spin her as they do in order to disorient and drown their prey. Good thing that was not deep water. You can’t train an animal to un become itself, they will always retain their intincts.

  7. An Angel saved her life bless his heart. We need more Heroes like him. I hope the young woman is doing better

    1. You’re right! I hate to be *that* person on YouTube comments, but it was an alligator – a very big alligator! And one of the most aggressive behaviours I’ve seen from ones – including the death roll. I’ve never seen an alligator death roll. But if it had been a salt water crocodile (which start from about this size) it would’ve been a very different story and outcome – very likely fatal – almost certainly limbs lost and serious injury. Yes the guy was definitely brave and I don’t think it would’ve made a difference if it had been a croc vs an alligator to him. But yeah, if I had been a croc, people would’ve been severely injured, possibly killed. So I’m glad it wasn’t

  8. The bloke is a hero and smart he stopped the alligator doing it’s death roll beacuse it would have taken her arm off.

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