1. @Joe Dye If you think there is “proof” for this so called god(there are 100’s) then go ahead and present your evidence.

      You make the positive claim that there is a god, i do not believe your claim of there is a god

      That which is asserted without evidence(god claim), can be dismissed without evidence.

    2. @Covid denier Buster they are still therapod dinosaurs, just like dogs are still canines, and cats are still felines, and they are still mammals

    1. @Andrew The spareness of humanity in that part of the country is exactly why the rich and famous move there.
      I might be movin’ to Montana soon
      Just to raise me a crop
      Dental Floss
      Raisin’ it up
      Waxing it down
      In a little white box

    2. as long people believe in evolutionism
      they will dumb down
      imagine thinking you have wings w/o being created

  1. Herschel Walker hasn’t fallen into many thought boxes so…once there hardly ever climbs out. As Chris pointed out, he merely regurgitates right-wing topics with, so far, very little original thought….you know, like being curious enough to find out what evolution actually does. (decidedly in the box)

    1. @Ke He Hahahahahaha. Too funny. I’m a conservative Christian science teacher with a masters degree, a MUCH higher IQ than you, and far superior logic skills.

      Bring it little kid. This could be fun.

    2. @MarshallQanonVaughan Except for your comment about people not believing it in less than a year, everything else you said was on point. It’s not even a good theory. It’s one of the stupidest theories ever invented by mankind. There isn’t a shred of evidence supporting it.

      But yes, plenty of people will still believe it in a year, certainly not because of evidence, but because of their desperate attempt to avoid facing the reality of God and His coming judgment.

    3. @Joshua Burba It all depends on the direction of both great movements, the first one was born about two years ago and has grown into being the greatest truth movement in human history that has and still is awakening humanity “The Great Awakening” which spawned the new flat earth movement which is absolutely exploding in numbers and in information in which is producing high quality studio production videos that some are so powerful they singlehandedly decimate the heliocentric globe model and if the globe goes down then evolution and atheism must go down with it, but this clowns will never let them go

    4. @MarshallQanonVaughan Okay now you just sound nuts. The heliocentric view is correct and obviously the earth is a sphere, so see ya later.

    1. @Dr. Florida Man; PhD Yeah im indigenous. The whute people are Euro pean Americans. Always will be.

    2. Haha ..so we still own America!? Whooaaa!…I’m not sure it’s a good thing though with the state of America at the moment 🇬🇧+🇺🇲

    3. @Kevin Heath Nobody owns land lol. All you whute people say that to get a rise because youll never be more than European Americans. No matter how much false patriotism you show… it will always be all in your head… its what you guys tell yourselves because you know you dont own it and you weren’t the original peoples.. Aka us indigenous folks.😊

  2. We can’t possible discuss every idiocy at this detail. There is too much of it and we need to save airtime for things that are intelligent, inspiring, born out of love and in pursuit of shared humanity.

    1. @Seymour Butts because it is easy. Why would God make it hard to get to heaven? After we believe we are saved, we have a choice to follow him. If we deliberately sin then he punishes his children. And his children are the only one that saves.

    2. @Seymour Butts “that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭10:9-10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

      Seems pretty easy to me right?

    3. @deitert07 The death part is easy to believe. So all you have left is the miracle of the resurrection which in those times really wasn’t all that special.From I understand there are many stories of people performing resurrections. Trying to be like Christ actually requires the rubber hitting the road . Real work. Jesus made dealing with humanity look easy when in reality it’s difficult as hell. Take the easy road I’m sure you’ll get there.

    4. @Jeffrey Woods don’t kid yourself. Corporatists own the Republican party almost, as they also own the Democratic party. They hijacked Christianity to get and stay in power through the Republican party and when unsuccessful they buy off Democrats as well. Just ask Manchin ans Sinema.. Almost without fail all the policy they have put in place for decades has been to further enrich the rich and the corporates. Every now and then they throw breadcrumbs at the lower and middle class at the expense of a huge public debt and not their own money of course. They tell Christians what they want to hear but make no mistake it’s all about the Benjamins.

    5. Uhm I think the Theory of Evolution as redacted by Walker a leading Republican candidate is pretty dn important and shows what a bunch of idiots they all are.

    1. he knows more than many who say they know science
      to believe in evolution you have to be a sheep
      and scientifically illiterate

  3. He tells us to think about it though he is the one who hasn’t thought about it. It’s a tragedy, my preconceptions about football players has been confirmed.

    1. @Ellis D. Trails What is it with you ‘trumplicans’, with the asses, paedophiles, rapists and murderers ? A teeny bit of projection there Bubba ?

    2. @Gary Rogers Gary, look at all of you liberals. Look at how you look. I’m not triggered by a thing you lab rats do. Just pointing out that you’re bottom feeders who couldn’t pay me to associate with.

  4. If Herschel Walker were correct about evolution, there would be only one species on Planet Earth, and we would all be identical with identical thoughts, identical beliefs, and identical interests.

    1. @Gary Rogers no its called truth, pedophilia is disgusting and so are the perpetrators, so vote DemonRat

  5. In walker’s defense, and a ride or die Eagles fan, he has been hit in the head lord knows how many times. What are the other republicans excuses?

    1. @T LaTx – Even among Christians, only a small percentage are so science illiterate to not realize that the Bible is primarily allegorical AND that evolution is the scientifically accurate description for the diversity of life on Earth.

  6. In a way he’s right about one thing. Humans didn’t evolve from apes. That’s like saying sharks evolved from fish. We are STILL apes.

    1. I cannot speak for you, sir, but my ancestors weren’t apes. They were orangutangs! Hard-working patriotic orangutangs!

    2. @Jakoporeeno lol (also, I know this was a reference but my inner pedent compels me to say orangutans are also apes).

    1. Hey Mr. Cnn talking head ….. I did a quick search here and could not fine ONE not ONE mention of of the recent findings by NYT a faaaaaaaar left rag announced they now know that Hunters laptop is in fact REAL and not Russian disinformation………. whaaaaaaat . Now that is some real news guess I have to be the one to share it with all 15 CNN zombies since they think Mr. Walkers thoughts on evolution are more important to its zombies. Will see you at the polls zombies.

  7. If you rephrase the argument “If dogs descend from wolves why are there still wolves” shows the linear descent model isn’t the only logical fallacy here.

    1. And he would have learned FAR more Truth in Sunday school than in science class. But keep laughing buddy. You won’t be laughing when you die and realize how wrong you were.

    1. @Dave Waldon Time for your meds again ? You know that mommy doesn’t like you when you don’t take your meds before you go down to the basement ?

  8. It most likely is totally unintentional, however, I guess Herschel Walker is technically correct because humans didn’t come from the modern ape (as I’m sure both he and the person asking him that question meant the current ape) not unlike you would see at your local zoo. That being said, it would definitely be an impressive display of the political “walking the line” if anyone ever tries to use the quote to hurt his favorability before an upcoming election.

  9. Convincing a guy who was at one time paid to get hit in the head that he should get into politics is never a good idea.

  10. True story. As an undergrad in an upper-division Lit class in the Fall I happened to be seated next to our state university’s star receiver. Needless to say, by the second week he stopped showing to class. I figured, it’s a tough class, this guy has no time to study so he either transferred to a less challenging class or dropped it. Cut to the day of the final. I told the prof I needed time to finish my essay, so he allowed me to finish it in the Department’s reception office. Just as I am polishing my essay, in walks our star, turning in the “take-home final.”
    ‘Nuff said.
    Be well.

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