1. @Bigfoot USA Those stupid republican talking points are getting stale. Stop being triggered and move on.

    2. @Wanda Setzer aren’t you gonna explain what Biden meant by that? since you can understand him lol 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    3. @Bigfoot USA You think us Democrats aren’t moving on? Damn right!! This sh^t is just gettin’ good. Enjoy the indictments.

    1. @💀My True Crime Library💀 you wouldn’t know a fascist if you met one, but stay on the word of the day bandwagon, it’ll take you places.

    2. @Mark Warren jfc I learned about the very specific tactics of fascism back in MIDDLE SCHOOL in the 90s. Just because you’re uneducated doesn’t mean everyone else is.

    3. Lol if I was a moron I would not notice that the last two years were utter embarrassments from a total democrat control congress and White House and someone we are speaking as if we need more of the last two years ??? Hahahaha this is lunacy for real.

  1. When the Republicans have to resort to selling Walker on a fringe issue to trigger the base they’re worried especially after the Werewolf Vampire campaign comedy sketch.

    1. @Mark Warren
      Dude, you’re acting like the sky is falling when in fact it’s only about 5% of the population that identify as trans. Mind your own business and let people live their lives. Trans folks aren’t looking to change any one’s kids and gay folks aren’t looking to make people gay.

    2. @Rupert if we give up our guns leftists will genocide the right with all haste. This is a true and accurate statement as they already murder babies and want to harm our children.

  2. This is the same guy who claimed we need “gas guzzlers”, not electric vehicles. His diatribes are freakin word salad. I can’t imagine one thoughtful piece of legislation he would champion as a sitting US senator?

    1. Electric cars will crash the grid. Some of these batteries require as much energy as a small house to charge. Solar is the answer, but it’s much more difficult to harness the power of the sun.

    2. I can’t imagine one thoughtful sentence coming out of his mouth that somebody else didn’t write on a cue card in five words or less.

    3. I think it’s funny that democrats are against word salads after all the word salads we have heard from Biden and kamala

    1. @Cynical Dude They don’t even make these guys mutilate their genitals to play women’s sports. All they have to do is take some hormones.

  3. As always, his timing is impeccable. Ok, so let’s see if we can get this right. Because Herschel is such an intellectual force he is hard to follow sometimes.
    Basically Mr Walker is saying sure people were killed, maimed, injured scarred for life, but can’t lose focus on the real issue here, South Eastern Conference Women’s swimming.

    1. Sooo you are speaking about what ?? Who’s getting killed and Maimed and injured right now ???? Lol no one buttttt rich whitr libersls hear those words and are easily fooled and shocked and will just continue to vote democrat. Wow

  4. His timing is loathsome. How we’re even in a run off when this is what the RNC offering up as their option is disgusting.

  5. ‘I had wanted to be a Vampire, but then I found out a Werewolf can kill a Vampire, so then I wanted to be a Werewolf, but then I found out a Mummy can tie a Werewolf to the railroad tracks with bandages then the train kills him, so then I wanted to be a Mummy, but then I found out Vampires can light a Mummy’s bandages on fire and burn him up, so now I just don’t know WHAT I wanna be no more. Maybe Senator? Or President? Or Archie Bunker?’

    1. @AJ Kareem Newsflash, brainiac. Investigations happen FIRST, then court. The investigations are underway. Buckle up, buttercup!

    2. @T. R. Campbell Funny, a white guy with an AR-15 in the girls locker room is fine with your party, so is forcing children who have been raped, to die in childbirth, also fine with your party. Transgender’s aren’t sexual predators, that would be Cathloc priest, Donald ( traitor) Trump, and Matt ( h7man trafficker) Geatz

    3. There is always a point in time where detectives have every sign pointing at something, but they don’t have their case built yet. The question when it comes to investigating election integrity, is whether the Democrats will allow it, or whether they’ll actively block forensic analysis like they did in 2020. And to simply parrot the statement by rote, “There is no evidence” only plays into a well-known and accepted dictum: No one who is innocent, AGGRESSIVELY BLOCKS the investigation. On the contrary, the authentically innocent defendant, is ANXIOUS for the investigation, and may even enthusiastically assist in it, in order to clear their name ASAP.

  6. This “issue” is pure culture war, it really doesn’t effect me at all, just makes me lose respect for anyone pedalling it. I got bills to pay and people are shooting each other at an alarming rate, you think I have time or energy to care about this, Herschel?

    1. Yep. It’s a real loser with this independent. Gender non-conformity hurts exactly zero people whatever I personally believe about the causes or whatever. If someone wants to say they’re more comfortable presenting as a man or woman, it doesn’t affect me and it’s none of my business. They’ve as much right to pursue their own happiness as anyone else in this country. You know what DOES affect me? Watching our elementary kids worry every time we have a surprise active shooter drill. Wondering what would happen if I was unlucky enough to be raped. Wondering if it’s worth getting a further degree teach history or become a librarian because it will mean going further into debt and worrying that I might get sued for daring to speak the truth. THAT is what affects me.

  7. I have a concern with transgender athletes competing like the young lady references. But I still absolutely positively would NOT vote for Walker who’s 1 of most exceptionally unqualified candidates I’ve ever seen for any public office.

    1. I agree with you but if there are republican candidates who aren’t as stupid as walker running, they’d win with this add.

    2. @Michael Morningstar
      I feel the same way. I’m also happy that as non-republicans we can voice our own opinions & not be subjected to bullying by the MAGAts for not towing the trumpian line.

  8. I was on the fence about Herschel Walker but when I found out werewolfs can kill vampires that changed everything for me. And it’s about time we set up a department that can watch the boys watching the girls watching the social media.


    2. You where on the Fence….and him talking about a underworld movie….made you think different.Wow.the man’s a idiot.

  9. Omg!!!I Did Herschel just use a word that I could understand and hear clearly? Oh my goodness, I actually think he used two words that I can understand clearly. Those two words were his name.

  10. The Roy Wood Jr. stand-up comedy bit where all he does is recite Herschel Walker’s own words verbatim is pure comedy gold.

  11. The unedited version of the ad has Walker saying “She would have won the race against a werewolf because werewolves can’t swim fast when their fur gets all wet!”

    1. There are currently over 45 lawsuits across the states…..the level of corruption is dreadful in our elections…61% of voters have little or no faith in our election integrity…that’s a lot of people.

    2. @Lizbraham Lincoln We are indeed in strange times, especially when you hear stupid statements like the one you just made

  12. “I’m Riley, a swimmer”
    “Me Hershel, I’d rather be a werewolf ’cause they kill vampires. Did you know that?”

  13. Walker is a clown but I love this add, He’s absolutely correct on this issue! This is a powerful and truthful add!!! I hope he loses but he’s right on this. Republicans beat us when Democrats take insane positions on this and immigration. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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