1. We used to call them “dumb jocks.” They’re supposed to open car dealerships, not make laws.

  1. this dude is deranged . . . . *making threats against women . . . * literally, he has NOTHING TO SAY . . . .

    1. ​@Yaz Salamanca on his worst day he’s Einstein compared to 45 and butter biscuits Walker.

  2. Prime example of how famous people who have no history in understanding how the law works should not be given the privilege to legislate it.

  3. Hershey Walker is basically the president from Idiocracy, all the way down to his poor CTE-ravaged brain (or what’s left of it anyway) 😂

    1. I wish everyone would stop blaming CTE. This man is not bright and never was. Play the CTE card too much and he will get sympathy votes. In any other western democracy he would not get 5% of the vote. My guess is Mitch has a plan to replace him. If he wins , that will out do the shock of Trump by a mile. He was taught lines and keeps forgetting them.

    2. @Mark Poidvin Mitch knows he will shuk when commanded so there is no need to replace him. Just tell him how to vote.

  4. The fact that ANYONE will vote for this disaster of a human being is proof that we’re doomed as a country. Come on Georgia, you’ve been on a roll, don’t disappoint us now.

    1. @SIMON SAYS not state, district!! She couldnt win a state election. We also gave you a Senate Majority.

    2. @JBeezy valid point . . It was that district. And Ty for helping America by electing 2 Dems. Cheers.
      Hopefully that won’t change in Nov..

    1. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin I heard it’s from fairly serious brain injury from numerous concussions….it’s just one of his “conditions”.

  5. Major mistake here: having a reputation for threatening women is NOT a liability in GOP. It’s an asset.

  6. This individual has no more business in the US Senate than my cat. That he won his primary certainly speaks volumes about GA voters. HORRIFYING!!!

  7. Walker has a constant expression of confusion and that of being unsure of what he is saying. He answers everything like it’s a trick question. Not the expression or attitude he had on the grid iron. I’d like to see how long it takes him to get just one side on a Rubix Cube.

  8. I can’t believe people listen to the words that come out of Herschel’s mouth and then want him to make decisions for their state.

    1. @AWOL, CPA, adding onto a statement isn’t “whataboutism.” Lol you people learn one new word and then throw it around everywhere. Head back to school lmao.

  9. Dang, Herschel needs a translator. He can pay someone to clarify his utterances. Sadly, his non-existent ethics and morals are personal problems money can’t fix.

    1. ” Sadly, his non-existent ethics and morals are personal problems money can’t fix.” Luck for him, he is running as a Republican, so a lack of morals and ethics wont affect him negatively!

  10. Watching what used to be the republicans party close ranks behind him is embarrassing. Embarrassing for black men, athletes, and republicans.

  11. Even Herschel doesn’t know what he’s saying!! That’s why homie scared to do debates, he’ll make a fool out of himself!!

  12. Do the people who voted for this man think he has the mental capacity to do anything to HELP them in their lives…or did they just vote for an old football player? 🤦‍♀️

  13. “Run Herschel, run!” – Trump knows this guy has taken too many blows to the head. How unfortunate.

  14. Two things: 1- Walker has clearly had too many knocks to the head; 2- It says a lot about a country where someone like this is even a contender.

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