‘He’s A Bad Blogger’: Trump’s Online Relevance Is Fading 1

‘He’s A Bad Blogger’: Trump’s Online Relevance Is Fading


The Washington Post detailed how, without Twitter and Facebook, Trump's influence online has been greatly diminished. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Juanita Tolliver.
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  1. Hard to be a blogger when you’re functionally illiterate. (He clearly dictates his incoherent rantings to a staffer typing).

    1. @Cody Meyer why hasn’t anyone came forward with evidence and why are there no suspects?

    2. @Chris Avram This story proves once and for all the amount of DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic… At this point I am seriously considering getting onboard with the BSM (Ban Social Media) movement.

    3. This story proves once and for all the amount of DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic… At this point I am seriously considering getting onboard with the BSM (Ban Social Media) movement.

    1. @R Daniel tell that to my 401k during Trump…..oh I forgot you people hate the U.S. and want it to fail. That’s why you support anti-American politicians. No wonder you hated Trump, he loved our country and wanted it to flourish.

    2. @Alexander Evans Unfortunately Trump continues to serve his lord and master Putin. His lies continue to divide us, and that advances Putin’s agenda.

    3. @R Daniel That’s a good thing, it keeps money out of the pockets of viable Republican candidates.

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy at least BLM has law enforcement all over the country wearing body cameras and some bad cops are in jail. What did the insurrection accomplish? I think the fall of the Republican party before their done with the election conspiracies fewer people are believing.

    2. @Todd Smith body cameras and bad cops in jail not to mention the cops that were fired. I don’t think they were lying. How’s the EVIDENCE with the rigged election? Still no real EVIDENCE.

    3. This story proves once and for all the amount of DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic… At this point I am seriously considering getting onboard with the BSM (Ban Social Media) movement.

    4. @Dave the insurrection didn’t accomplish anything, it was a bunch of morons being morons. I don’t actually think it’s wrong to protest against alleged systemic racism in the police but what is wrong is when they riot, loot, intimidate, murder, destroy businesses and abuse all police. This all enabled and encouraged by Democrats. There is no comparison between the insurrection and the BLM riots, the latter being 10,000 times worse.

    5. @Dave more unarmed black people are killed by BLM supporters than by white cops. I guess the lives of black people killed by BLM supporters don’t matter to supporters of BLM.

  2. It may take the GOP a very long time to break Agent Orange’s grasp over them. Many a time have they proven they are not quite the brightest lights on the Christmas tree.

    1. @Anna Thornton the DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic… BAN THIS SH$% NOW!!!!

    2. @Fallfire 88 THANK You for having brain enough to say this. Its unfortunate this is a CIA channel and has everyone under MK-Ultra mind control that is designed to keep them addicted to hate, and so follow whatever narrative they are told. Its very very sad. 3 years from now, they will all be saying “WTF happened to America???? How did we get a militarized state with no freedoms???” All we Conservatives will do is roll our eyes. Nobody listened, because nobody really cared when it mattered most. Everything is just a game until all your freedoms are gone I guess. And at that point, there is absolutely no way to get them back. The Feds will have won in their plan to enslave all of America:-( I see dumb people. They are EVERYWHERE!!!

    3. @Mytzl Plk All the right does is try to keep oir frerdoms. All the left does is try to steal them away. You better start caring about polotics because America is headed toward a country of slavery and militarization of the economy. This channel controls you using MK-Ultra mind control designed to keep you coming back because they have addicted you to hate. And you love every minute of hating your own freedom because of it. Genius!!!

    4. @2 Thessalonians 2:7 your welcome. It’s sad but I think in the U.S. that the Democratic part is the cornerstone of the future persecutions and killings of Christians talked about in Revelation. They are teaching people to desensitize themselves to human beings while being hypersensitive to their own needs.

    1. @Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo lol you’re joking. Defunding the police hasn’t led to a reduction in crime. Which fake news channel told you that? I think I can guess.

    2. @Ludo Ludowski MSNBC aren’t laughing about Trump, well not most of the time anyway. They keep you in a constant state of outrage about him, TDS is a drug and like all drug addictions the dealer has to give the junkie regular fixes to keep them addicted. What i see here in the comments are a bunch of orange man bad junkies who are completely oblivious to the fact they have a problem.

    3. @Okhotsk K how is Fox News racist? I think it’s a shame that people like you go around calling everything racist as there is real racism but people like you have made the word meaningless.

    4. @Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo the liberal media actually used to quite like Trump,, they saw him as a loveable rogue. That all changed the day he decided to challenge dear sweet Hillary and from that moment forward he was Darth Sidius. You’ve been conned by Democrats and a bunch of unscrupulous hacks.

    5. @Dog Poo Fairy He was always a con man and anyone who paid attention knew it. He was hated in New York.

  3. Their handy work has been on display in the south for decades, they love making fools of themselves

    1. @Aaron Wilson so you’re saying trump wasn’t FORCED to eat his words when he came back to the US and say he misspoke! He was FORCED to say “I don’t see why it WOULDN’T be RUSSIA”. What warped fantasy world are you living in.

    2. @Johannes Tesssema … It is one good thing if you are one Youtube (or Facebook/Twitter) stockholder and one boardchair who got an influence to create rules to self-serve your interests. You are a plain user/consumer and someone stocks got its dues.

  4. Hahahahaha!! I love the typo in the headline, beginning at time stamp 1:09 – about Donnie’s new ‘glob’! Hahahahahahahaha!!! Whether it’s a typo or meant to read that way, it’s fantastic and spot-on! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. USA media still consuming the Trump links. Since USA media assumed Trump is faded and weak. Let USA media confirm, it got no-relevance, irrelevant. Have Mr Trump have his Twitter or Facebook account be opened and have his rights. Let USA media spill opinions and views that are reliable enough.

    2. whoRwe02 The only ones who want to read him spewing lies and hatred are those consumed by his lies and hatred. Those of us living in reality, having to deal with the results of his lies and hatred, don’t want those who have trouble living in reality to be further exposed to his lies and hatred.

    3. @Sophie Robinson … This is an era when politics create lies and hatred. The failed Trump impeachments recorded a massive falsehoods and pains. Politics made USA a divided nation of hatred, of racism, of disrespect to its flag, of fake news, of broken laws (eq immigration) and of political problems that both dem-rep can not solve.

    1. @Merle Jones Racist Cheating Joe and “only to DC was on my knees“ greatest Racist cheating Harris fan! What a loser you are!

    2. @Delirious Vulture .. Specify those criminals and their individual crimes reference/according to US courts. The failed Trump impeachment revealed and spilled real lies, false documents, scripted opinions and real pinnochios.

  5. If his cult members, have to read more than a couple of sentences ……
    Yes, he’ll gradually lose them!

    1. @violetgurl80s Sky News is the Newsmax of Australia. They’re not even Fox because they’re worse and crazier.

      About Rose, you missed that part where she went on to criticize both parties in our government. You clearly didn’t read the transcript or do much research other than watching the very media she went on to rail against.

      She thinks the U.S. is a rampant propaganda machine and both parties are part of a structure that when cut deep do not help their citizens. She was more critical of the Dems because she thought they pose themselves as the helpers, but in reality do the same thing as the Right.

      So you like an insurrectionist who doesn’t like being American, who said her childhood in a cult gave her superpowers. Accurate for a Right Wing nut. You find the Space Laser yet? Blowing up your outhouse next, hick.

    2. Well that moron Trump is blogging more than a couple of sentences he’s not writing them somebody’s writing it for him he’s not capable of putting multi-sentences together

    3. This story proves once and for all the amount of DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic… At this point I am seriously considering getting onboard with the BSM (Ban Social Media) movement.

    4. @K.W. Matterhorn social media isn’t inherently the problem. It’s the fact that people started using it as a form of hard factual news and the source from which they formulated their viewpoints without any degree of skepticism.

      The most damaging thing Trump did was not empowering the social media platforms. It was the fact that he severely damaged the integrity of the news media.

      When a founder of a message board that caters to extremists and mass shooters can gain infamy in a party with loopy conspiracy theories it is not a product of social media. It’s a product of people reading social media as truth and following their bias views down a rabbit hole.

      How did a social platform meant to share pictures of newborns, videos of sleeping puppies and messages with grandma turn into the biggest source of news and current events? Laziness and algorithms. If you want to blame social media the algorithms are the biggest thing you can fault them for.

    5. @OnyxLynx6 nah, nah , nah Onyx….its social media, pal. The amount of DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic… At this point I am seriously considering getting 100% onboard with the BSM (Ban Social Media) movement.

  6. Remember when Joe Biden told trump to “shut up” and then took his job? That was awesome.

    1. @Cheryl McNutt I doubt Trump would have any Secret Service detail in prison (that’s what the prison guards are for) but, even if he did, it would be on a WAY smaller scale and wouldn’t involve taxpayers paying for hotel rooms, room service, etc at Trump properties (at inflated prices) to enrich himself.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy Remember when Trump lost and a bunch of soyboys and inbreds shoved their way into the Capitol?

    3. @Smellyweasel23 !
      That’s laughable.
      You support a guy who spent most if his time tweeting, watching tv, golfing, and eating big macs.
      On Don the Con’s off days, he was holding “please cheer for me and massage my ego!” rallies.

      You really don’t want to compare Biden against your little lord Wuhan Don.
      You’ll embarrass yourself every time.


    4. @LoboKhan1 Man, I can list the amount of things Trump is better then Biden at, including drawing in voters and winning elections, but it is useless to someone so bought into the propaganda as you are.

      Can’t wait for Trumps rallies these next few months. Biden would need the pay people to come out to see him. Trumps 100 million votes are growing by the day. America First.

  7. “Can you imagine if I lose? If I lose, you will probably never hear from me again!” Well, so that was a fcking lie…like always

    1. @Greg Peterman I’ll kiss ’em all gladly good-bye. Perhaps MAGAchimps can find better “freedom” arrangments in Moscow?

    2. @K.W. Matterhorn so you like higher prices and a devalued dollar? Not me, I’ll take Trump’s solutions and economy any day over democrats sustained poverty programs.

    3. @Greg Peterman the amount of DAMAGE social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has done to our country is absolutely catastrophic…

    4. @Greg Bors He called Biden Sleepy Joe … he wasn’t so sleepy was he lol … Biden won lol

  8. I can’t believe you people even mention his name anymore. He was bound to be a has been since the 80s.

    1. @D.A. Oh Trump made a statement on live video that he would bring the Republicans down. That wasn’t a lie, he did. He also said that “ Republicans are the dumbest voters in America. You can tell them anything and they’ll believe it “. Look what happened in January 6, he incited the Coup but he had since enough not to meet them at the Capital.

    2. Well, he controls a major political party, and is playing king maker with his cowardice party. His cult numbers around 74 million, and some hold high offices. Only reason someone would want the media to ignore him, is so he can do even more damage without criticism.

    3. @Ice 247 I watched his speech that morning and literally LOL when he BSed them that he’d walk with them to the Capitol. He’s always so full of it.

    4. @Admiral General Aladeen
      Its amazing that the parties are not putting out smart new candidates and that that is not the topic of conversation. Awesome that you have the ability and desire to try to create a narrative for another person although you could not be more wrong. I am Independent and will most likely never vote for either party anyway. Just ready to move forward, not stay stuck in this literal party shitpile.

    1. At least forest Gump never called our troops loser’s besides that it was a good movie and he served and didn’t get 5 deferls because of bone spers lol

    2. Hey he still lives rent free in your heads and msnbc had to make a video telling you he is irrelevant. Doesn’t that keep him relevant.

    3. @Sammy4549 I was almost killed by an illegal 15 year old Mexican girl driving an uninsured jeep all by herself. He stopped the sanctuary city nonsense, and runaway out of control porous border, but Biden sabatoged all of that progress. Also he made the United States energy independent, and kept fuel prices at record lows, but Biden has sabatogged that too. Democrats do not like for people to aquire wealth, it keeps them from being able to control everything.

    4. @David Daugherty then went on to become one of the best commander in chiefs we have ever had. Ending wars and preventing wars. He rebuilt our depleted military. So the people who freaked out about his bone spur deferrals, really have no argument, Trump went on to serve the military better than he would have if drafted.

  9. The news stations need to leave him alone, I don’t ever want to hear his name or see his face on any type of media ever again.

    1. I’m sick of hearing about him too but I admit I will enjoy coverage of his indictments and imprisonment. Divine justice and karma.

    2. The only time I want to ever hear his name again is that he’s been arrested by the State of New York.

    3. It’s all the fake news has. They know you communist liberals feed on the anti-Trump propaganda. You’ll keep hearing about him for the next 4 years.

  10. A “Bad Blogger” is only the beginning of a list of things he was/is bad at: Human being, President, liar, husband, etc.

    1. I don’t know, he managed to get spanked by the princess of Wales. Then he probably blubbered and wanted to get paid for it. Nobody has ever heard of it before…then everybody was talking about it.

  11. This is how it always works with bullies. Once one person stands up to them, the spell is broken and everyone turns.

    1. @Ver Coda Yeah. They are embracing the racist zealots on the extreme right, in a desperate attempt to repeat Trump’s 2014 “win”. Latest thing is prohibiting teaching about slavery in public schools. This is totally in line with chattel slavery itself, which seeks to strip people of their culture, heritage, traditions, history, and identity to reduce them to the status of a commodity to be bought and sold. The unbelievably out of touch GOP just digs itself a deeper and deeper hole. Now, just waiting for the walls to cave in and bury it forever.

    2. @Ver Coda Your rambling was entertaining. I bet you think Biden is doing a great job, huh?
      You should check out Rasmussen’s survey on liberals. It’s hard data. You liberals know very little….but you think you’re brilliant. You operate on emotions and feelings….facts and data mean nothing to you.

  12. And when their fervor for him was at an all-time high he lost the presidency, the Senate, and the house.

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