1. Germanic nationalism ends. Ukraine started the war when they allowed the Azov, a neo Nazi regiment , into their national military. Also, Germanic neo Nazi propoganda is being taught in European schools. I know this because I have to argue with the little Nazis. They identify as nazis and they believe Romans and Greeks were all blonde and they want to fight about it. So for Russia and it’s allies , this war is about ending Nazism, because the Germanic Nazis always attack, just like the trump movement was a fascist germanic movement. There are consequences to your actions .

  1. Niinisto is well respected in Finland and internationally. I hope we will see more of him on American television.

    1. He’s presidency will last till somewhere 2024. Next president will probably be Olli Rehn, but what matters stable policy remains.

  2. Just for the record, as an American, i do not think of your people as being weak in any way and i have not heard of that from others. We respect and appreciate your strength!

  3. Good interview… good to know he is good leader of Finland and And a good person too . the world 🌎 needs more good leader like him and president Zelinsky. God bless them both long live Ukraine and All good people in Ukraine and Finland too

  4. I like Finlands 🇫🇮 Leader. He’s a sterne/solid but down to earth man, he sums up his country perfectly. Civilised but tough 💪 as hell when it boils down to it

  5. Always great to hear from Finland’s president and/or prime minister. Excellent people, the Finns. Cheers, from Canada.

  6. This man seems to be high character individual .. a mature thoughtful man .. I can see why the Fins selected him to be their leader … Great interview … illuminating .. I wish there were more leaders like him including in the Inited States .. and more remarkable given that he was speaking in English, not his native tongue .. 👏👏👏

    1. Nicholas, there are leaders and people like that in the United States. Our problem isn’t lack of people with brains and character, our problem is we have these people but the voter’s are not smart enough to elect them.

    2. @shaker 14 not only that but your missing another factor, corruption even if the population is educated the results can be overturned if the government is corrupt

    3. @shaker 14 Yes. There’s Jamie Raskin, for ex. But all too many Americans prefer idiots. It has become disastrous now. Look at Herschel for ex.

  7. Can’t ever remember meeting anyone from Finland or Sweden that were not well educated, pragmatic and very sincere people.

    1. It would be suicide now if Russia ever attacked Finland since Finland is now a NATO country and remember my country the United States 🇺🇸 has nuclear weapons based in NATO countries.

  8. The President of 🇫🇮 Finland 🇫🇮. Thank you very much for your time, and for sharing your thoughts and opinions. God Bless you 🕊.

  9. Leaders come in many different guises, in war Zelensky is a giant, in common sense and being respectful Niimisto is superb, we need more leaders like these two.

  10. Love this guy!! I grew up around alot of Finns in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ( which has the highest concentration of Finns outside of Finland). His accent, his slow, deliberate thoughts & answers, his stoicism, all remind me of those older Finns from my growing up years. Sisu..in spades. Thank you, Finland.

    1. @ Shirley – your comment was actually imho one of the most poignant and articulate viewpoints shared among all in relation to this interview… and please disregard the obviously frustrated, desperate and corrupted bots on a fearless spamming mission here .

  11. This is in fact a prime example of what normal men worthy of being in high places and Power should follow cool calm level headed and rational and highly respected I salute the president of Finland I’ve been to his country it is beautiful and I thank him for this level-headed interview in these crazy times he’s holding it together very well

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