‘He’s Gotta Go Harder’: Charlamagne Tha God Warns VP Biden’s Plan For Black America | MSNBC


  1. Joe Biden needs to do more, yes comprehensive police reform, but we need systematic , federal, state and local changes too! Joe better get to work! I’m not a “Charlamagne tha God ” fan , but this time he is right!

    1. @TheBase1aransas never mind, you gotta be Trumpster Trumpetz or Black votes for Trump” to say some Sht like that. vote blue America and stay safe.

    2. @TheBase1aransas now you you talking about white people right? I know it’s everywhere, and that’s why Trump has to go. vote blue America

    3. @Rem Mys Thant you! I love exposing #CCP BOTs and brain dead racists. #VoteForAmerica #VoteForJustice #Trump2020

  2. To quote H.L. Mencken: ‘The
    demagogue is one who preaches
    doctrines he knows to be untrue to
    men he knows to be idiots.” VOTE!

    1. @Ellen Peba Obama will go down as the worst president in history. Like the nobel prize he was given, he was elected simply because he was black. Think about how racist that is for a second.

  3. I can tell that this host is a Biden fan. & the looks on her face in response to what Charlemagne is saying is Golden. He was speaking facts, but she couldn’t grasp what he was saying because she didn’t want to.

    The promises that Biden is making to Blacks (Housing, Health care, etc) are ages old a played out.

    Blacks have woken up. If candidates are not talking about $14 Trillion (& Counting) in Reparations to ADOS then we speaka no Ingles when it’s time to vote.

    1. MSNBC works for DNC/and Biden so no unbiased honest conversation can ever be had from these people. Too many hidden interests

    2. @Jesus saw that Yes it seems to be, but remember the DNC wear white hats. We all know Bernie Sanders should be the nominee but because most Americans are socially engineered and the word SOCIALISM is a word most Americans are skeptical of right?
      The Republicans would have chewed us up. So what do you do? We had to Use the backdoor this time to get a seat at the table. Bernie Sanders isn’t going anywhere Watch him get a seat in the next administration. Don’t be afraid of old Joe, he’ll do just fine. Better than a TRUMPUTZ that’s for Dam sure.
      Vote blue America.

    3. @Rem Mys Obama choose Biden as VP to assure the rich white liberals & make them feel safe. If Obama couldn’t reform police what makes u think Biden will? We got Trump because a lot of people were disillusioned by Obama’s promises.A lot of people who voted Obama voted for Trump. Same thing will happen when people get discouraged with Biden

    4. This is what we need to push for after Biden is in office— how would standing by and allowing a president who actively encourages a movement of white supremacy help our positive causes in the black community in any way?

  4. That’s the problem! Will my fellow Black folk show up at the polls in November is the question!!!

    1. I am hot rod but brother have you encountered “Black votes for TRUMP” yet?
      There are over 100k of them vowing to vote for Trump. Their uninformed, believe everything Trump tells them and their getting paid. Their led by a black lawyer, I can’t remember his name. But watch Roland Martin pod cast. He’s reaching out to all black Republican’s, trying to understand their issues. We only hope Those votes won’t matter much in the grand scheme but the issue bothers me, to see just how divided we still are. Vote blue America and stay safe.

    2. @Jason So we can redirect funding for police but totally defunding. Not going to happen. I’m watching the congressional George Floyd hearing’s now.
      And the Republicans are putting up a hellava argument. There will reform but you can’t get rid of cop’s. We can stop choke holds And other abuses.
      Without cop’s you will have vigilantism.
      Vote blue America

    3. @joe Cappello good question and now I suggest Americans Bone up on socialism. Not Communism but SOCIALISM. Check Dr Richard Wolff economist on YouTube explains why Capitalism is failing everywhere.
      Vote blue America

    1. @Thyalwaysseekyou need this.

      Our father which art in heaven
      Hallowed be Thy name
      Thy kingdom come
      Thy will be done
      On earth
      As it is in heaven

      Give us this day our daily bread
      And forgive us our debts
      As we forgive our debtors
      and lead us not into temptation
      but deliver us from evil
      For Thine is the kingdom
      And the power
      And the glory forever

      For Thine is the kingdom
      And the power
      And the glory forever

  5. Nobody has addressed the people who stoemed that building in Michigan with guns and what not. If that had been black ppl, they’d be gunned down.

  6. Great video!
    *-though please don’t cut off his (others) ending salutation 😮
    your guest should (gen) get the last word/
    their reply is an important part of speech-parting.
    Peace –

    1. @Dianna Campbell you are a little privilege girl going to college and have parents that make 100k a year the stock crash of 2008 was devastating and we have been in reccesions ever since trump has offered more opportunities for young people than any other president for example his second chance policy which allows young men/women with criminal background to be given an employment opportunity so please list me a policy any democratic politician made to help young people and ex felons

    2. @Dianna Campbell and im an ex felon so for me Trump has given me more opportunity with his policies but its just my opinion and my experience

    3. If these Africans are demanding for racial justice and they turn out being successful I hope they don’t take this to their advantage; discriminating against Asians or causing usual felony due to Police restrictions.

    1. you get what you vote for….Hillary was the protege of the KKK grand cyclops, Joe Biden authored the 1994 Crime Bill

      Democrats will never care about Black People as long as they’re getting Black votes

  7. Charlemagne the god names Nancy Pelosi the Donkey of the day and the Looney left panics. So they throw CTG a bone by making him feel important in a interview on their propaganda fake news network.

  8. Obama: ” Joe, I’ll be joining you at your rally next week .”

    Biden:” Thank you so much Nelson.”

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