1. I am appalled by the mere fact that Russian politicians are starting to speak about the potential use of nukes in conventional war so easily… They are either delusional, playing a madman card or plainly nuts and irresponsible by blackmailing the humanity with these threats… Total madness… I am from the Semipalatinsk region in Kazakhstan, which was used by the Soviet Russia to test their nukes just a few decades ago. So many locals are suffering now from its aftereffects. Innocent people always pay the highest price, while the evil Russian politicians feel no regrets and continue to harm people, understanding that nobody will dare to punish them severely because of their nuclear indulgence. What a sad planet we live in… Warm greetings from Kazakhstan to all still sane people, regardless where you are!

    1. @I Care Of course you have lost, the Ukrainian Army which you’ve been secretly supplying with weapons and fightres for many years is almost finished.

  2. This is a nightmare of Putin‘s making and yes, he is backed into a corner. Problem is he’s willing to sacrifice as many innocent lives as possible to achieve the outcome he desires. Let’s hope the Russian people take care of this internally, and soon.

    1. nuclear weapons are a shield, after the Caribbean crisis, NATO and despite disagreements found compromises of coexistence for the sake of our future, and this succeeded until the United States broke the agreement on the non-deployment of short and medium-range missiles. That violated parity and created a threat to the Russian Federation, which created the current crisis. about the same as it was during the Caribbean crisis.
      The main problem is that politicians from both the West and the Russian Federation, in search of cheap popularity, are trying to show themselves as defenders of their countries. And instead of diplomacy, they all use ultimatums, sanctions. Instead of listening, I dictate my requirements.
      With the current level of hatred and such propaganda efforts from all sides, a third world war is inevitable.
      We must put pressure on our politicians, we need negotiations so that our children have a future.

    2. @Skayzi So how would you instill a new world order that is supposed to be efficient? With love, light, and bu*t powder? Is RU even clear from atrocities e.g. structural violence & criminals? I’d rather choose a necessary evil geared towards progress rather than stagnated with the old ways.

    3. @Peter B So after all, NATO was created specifically to confront the USSR. The whole point of expansion is to surround a potential aggressor and in the event of a nuclear war, America will be able to drop a bomb on Russia, and Russian nuclear bombs will be destroyed at the start by NATO countries, Ukraine is the only way out to America. If US military bases are also located in Ukraine, then Russia will become defenseless and in which case it will not be able to do anything, and America will be able to dictate its terms because it will have an advantage. But, the nearest NATO countries will suffer, America uses them as a shield

  3. He has to remind everyone that he has nuclear weapons because he has nothing else that he can use. Fear is his greatest weapon . A typical bully uses threats to cause doubt in his victim. Don’t fall for it . He knows that if he uses nuclear it’s the end of Russia too.

    1. You don’t understand he’s 70 years old he’s miserable and he’s really got nothing to lose. Blowing up the entire planet would be his legacy. Sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it? He is dangerous.

    2. @Trent Irvin
      They most certainly have tried. Some success with denial of service attacks and ransomware on Western Medical facilities. Not only that but much of the filth on the dark web and cyber scamming of the elderly for funds is due to Putin’s Russian Neo Nazi gangs.

    3. @Instameme Come right in! You’ll find that swinging the door open as you enter may allow better egress. You could keep trying the hard way but door splinters may do quite some damage to your brain!

    1. @Nategitter -V Putin trolls threatening nukes are telling me that Putin wants to end the world and take his supporters with him. Putin supporters are so miserable and unhappy they want to die with Putin.

    2. @Nategitter -V Are you even aware how funny of an idea a Slavic Nazi would be? Why am I even asking ofc you’re not lol. Russian TV says Ukrainian’s are Nazi therefore Ukrainian’s are Nazi’s lol. They could tell you Ukraine has Hitler, Elvis and the Easter Bunny are fighting for Ukraine and you would believe it lol.

    3. @Thunderbug Putin is afraid to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. We are brotherly peoples Russian and Ukrainian. We are united by the victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) over Nazism. Now the power in Ukraine has been seized by the supporters of Stepan Bandera, who was a supporter of the Nazis in 1941-1945. And now these supporters of Stepan Bandera, under the pretext of the alleged independence and freedom of Ukraine, are promoting national Nazi ideas among the people of Ukraine, from which most of the people do not agree to accept. Here Putin is conducting a military operation in Ukraine to remove the Nazis who cover the authorities.г

    4. @Thunderbug Russian television is not as deceiving as you are told. In Ukraine, indeed, over the past 8 years, there have been many national Nazis who ban the Russian language and praise that the Ukrainian is a super nation that should kill Russian people. That’s why Putin started the war. And the US government has been sponsoring the National Nazis in Ukraine for 8 years. You are being given a completely different picture that has now led to the war.

    5. @Nategitter -VLol yes, it is. I’ve seen it for myself first hand. Western media is pretty bad for bullshit but Russian media is just top-class bullshit so just stop with the lies.

      So, let’s get this right. Putin goes in, deposes current government and then allows free elections to take place? Id bet you money that doesn’t happen.

      How many Nazis do you think there are in Ukraine? How do you explain the huge levels of resistance Russia is seeing in Ukraine, even protests in occupied cities? Then again, it’s hardly surprising is it. When you and Putin say “military operation to remove the Nazi’s” all the average Ukrainian sees is their homes being blown to bits and their friends being killed by an enemy army invading unprovoked. There was not enough evidence to support the idea that Nazi removal was a valid justification for the invasion. Some credit where its due though, from what I’ve seen though the Russian troops have SO FAR conducted themselves reasonably well in the occupied areas even with the protests etc, but we will see if that continues.

      But u know what I’ll give u that the Ukrainian government aren’t angels either. Those language policies were terrible and they were protested, rightfully so by all Ukranians, and repealed, again rightfully so. Yes, they have been shelling the DPR and LPR, but the DPR and LPR have been shelling Ukrainian positions. Let’s also not forget the LPR and DPR are not angels either and are doing some dirty things such as position their artillery in the middle of civilian areas to discourage counter battery fire, the position of which was protested against btw.

      No one is innocent in this disaster certainly not the western leaders with their ridiculous posturing and lack of diplomatic tact and certainly not Putin with his insane paranoia and as the man who is ultimately responsible for the invasion and the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

      It genuinely pisses me off to see people like you (and your counterparts for the west) try to justify it as anything more than moronic leaders having a dickwaving competition which has ultimately led, as per fucking usual, to innocent people getting caught in the middle.

  4. As a saying in our country : ” trying to figure out if it bite or not, don’t be attempted to give your hand”

    1. Keep your cards close to your vest, and don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Two of my often used faves that are similar to yours.

    1. @Chris Lawrence someone always has to bring up their false entity in the sky ideology. You can’t help the underprivileged and uneducated.

    2. Justice, by who?.. who’s going serve this justice? And in what form??.. I can’t see Mr Putin answering to western justice or the Geneva convention.. he’s not just going turn up at the world courts just cuz some random western solicitors tell him to

  5. I pine for the day Putin stands trial for his crimes. The Ukrainian people deserve justice and Russia deserves better leadership.

    1. @Lewis Lovelord the stop portraing Russia as the supreme evil , when US is involved in every conflict , small or major around the globe . US is the biggest mass murderer and invader in the recent history . If you call for justice , then call for justice for everyone , don’t use double standards .

    2. You also have to understand that this is not an ethnic conflict between ethnic Russians and ethnic Ukrainians. Tens of millions of Ukrainians have been living in Russia since the time of Catherine II. The entire South of Russia (Kuban) is the descendants of Ukrainians. 30-50% of Russians live the same in Ukarin. There are many Russians in the Ukrainian army, among the Ukrainian nationalists there are many Russians who have become infected with Ukrainian cave nationalism, we call them mankurts. Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov has Russian roots. In the Russian army, on the contrary, there are many guys with Ukrainian roots. A Ukrainian by blood, Navalny, before becoming an enemy of Putin, was a Russian (I repeat not Ukrainian, but Russian) nationalist. The head of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, Matviyenko, is a woman of Ukrainian roots. Russian by nationality, Ukrainian nationalist Drozdov shouted the loudest on Ukrainian talk shows about the ban on the Russian language, and called the Donbass a cancerous tumor of Ukraine. Russian gymnast Ivan Kulyak, who took the podium this week, came out with the letter “Z” in support of the Russian army and the result was a scandal. He has pure Ukrainian roots, but he decided to express his position in protest against the crazy attacks of the Ukrainian national gymnastics team. You in the West have no idea how intertwined everything is between Russians and Ukrainians.

    3. @Simon Mcpartlin yes because they can see that he is financially ruining their country but he could also have plans to start his own cryptocurrency and it’s the wildcard in the whole thing because even China now has their own cryptocurrency that they use in 300 countries and Russia and China has developed a relationship and are trade partners, when China developed their own cryptocurrency they banned all other cryptocurrency completely and if the United States develop their own cryptocurrency they will also do the same thing and ban all other cryptocurrency because they say it’s too easy for criminals to hide their money in things like bitcoin

  6. It’s not legitimate to threaten using nukes if you’re not defending your country. Russia isn’t defending their country. If Russia is driven back out of Ukraine, they’re still not defending their homeland, they’re just driven out of a country they were invading.

    1. God! And YOU GUYS ZERO Links Allowed TO TAP! I KNOW,
      Trying best I can HERE
      Whole World Is
      Bugger this dumb crap!

    2. @Krasimir Thoe who said? In terms of nuclear weapon, Russia leads. Putin can destroy USA whenever he wants

    3. @knowledge You in Russia are waiting for McDonalds to open back up again. I saw the lines as it was closing.

  7. The step of making an active threat is a step that can not be tolerated. The Russian people need a government system that will prevent this from ever happening again. The world must unite to assure this kind of threat never happens again.

    1. @Misha-el Ministries  please, God, as I know him, does not and would not act or speak like you suggest. That’s “my” point of view very Canadian, I know, but believe.

    2. @Mark Hynes It would be cool to have some way of destroying an enemy’s nuclear warhead in-place before it can be launched, wouldn’t it?

    3. @Renan Felipe dos Santos look up HAARP. This antenna array system is supposed to energize the ionosphere. Any nuke that goes through this is supposed to ignite the warhead.
      There’s also a book called “HAARP the angles don’t play” it also talks about this antenna array system that’s in Alaska.
      This system is based on a Nikola Tesla design.

    4. @Renan Felipe dos Santos Whatever it would be it would make nuclear weapons practically obsolete.

  8. it’s sad I feel sad for all people involved . Sad that one single person can make things so miserable . A napoleon complex I guess does that to people .

    1. yea yea America is single country and it devastated middle east killing 3million civilian people in Iraq alone

    2. Where was all your concern for people the USA has invaded their lands and killed? USA is dirty as hell. Anyone who crawls into bed with USA is dirty as hell too. This has nothing to do with a Napoleon complex, it has to do with NATO trying to establish strategic control over Putin and arguably the world. It has to do with hiding USA secrets in the Ukraine such as bioweapon labs funded by the USA.

    3. they should have a minimum height for anyone taking a position of power. it would make the world a safer place

  9. Finland: ‘I favor joining NATO’
    Russia: ‘there will be military and political consequences’
    Finland: ‘…Ok. I’m even more in favor of joining NATO’

  10. “if you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs.”
    -Volodymyr Zelensky.

    1. @Travel Crawl What a stupid comment. Everyone is discussing a serious issue; and, you come out with this juvenile comment. There’s always one.

    2. @Travel Crawl You have to be cool with everyone getting nuked. There is only one outcome in a nuclear exchange. You don’t get to pick and choose who gets hit and who doesn’t.

  11. Mikhail Gorbachev said in an interview in 2000: “Models made by Russian and American scientists showed that a nuclear war would result in a nuclear winter that would be extremely destructive to all life on Earth; the knowledge of that was a great stimulus to us, to people of honour and morality, to act.”

    1. Set up a go fund me for a bounty on putin. It would be millions in no time, that fkr would have nowhere to hide.

    2. @Richard Hardin I saw ABC’s “The Day After” as a kid and apparently so did President Regan was so depressed he stopped the “evil empire” rhetoric and eventually signed that treaty with Gorbachev to limit these nightmarish weapons.

  12. “Every day that passes without responding to a dictator, just pushes the price we pay higher and higher.”

    Garry Kasparov, GM of Chess

    1. Exactly. Appeasement does not work and the advantage of matching and thrn overwhelming is counter intuitive.

  13. Imagine surviving a world war, only then experience a global pandemic.
    Imagine doing it in reverse order a hundred years later.
    Not exactly the lesson to be learned.

    1. @Neddy Henare For goodness sake what a crap thing to say in this current state of the world…….

  14. “There is nobody more dangerous than one who has been humiliated, even when you humiliate him rightly”. – Nelson Mandela

    1. A psychopath like Putin never feels “rightly” humiliated. They’re right and everyone else is wrong. As are sociopaths.

    2. Vladimir Putin is far more dangerous now than ever before. His inner circle won’t attempt to overthrow him because they are too afraid.

      And like Adolf Hitler, Putin believes in a scorched earth policy. He won’t go quietly, and before he does, this monster will try to destroy the entire world first. Anyone who doesn’t believe this by now is delusional.

      Sadly, the United States and NATO are still in denial about all of this, and it’s about to blow up in their faces (no pun intended). WW3 started on 24 February 2022.

    3. @barry bolton: You could be right. Never know. Most people live in a state of denial. Reality is something they don’t like to deal with, maybe due to their ignorance and/or stupidity. But i have the ONLY solution to fix it all but only approx .0001% of people like my solution. And it is the ONLY solution!!

  15. “If you attack us, you’ll see our faces, not our backs.”
    – Volodymyr Zelensky 💙💛 Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. You literally copied this quote of someone that commented the exact same thing an hour earlier ? The things you do for clout cringe me seriously

  16. “Putin made a threat not heard of since the height of the cold war”.

    That’s implying the cold war actually ended.

  17. If you have a safe and comfortable life outside Ukraine, then enjoy it and be grateful because you do not know when that ends. Salute Ukrainian soldiers for their bravery. The president of Ukraine is a real life hero RESPECT .

    I am not a Ukrainian, but they are my heroes . A huge salute

    1. I am a U.S. citizen.
      I am sorry my Government is corrupt and won’t do their best to help you.

      The Ukrainians have my utmost admiration and respect.
      The Ukraine President + former President are both engaged in battles.
      They could have fled Ukraine but chose not to.
      They are heroes.
      All the Ukrainian soldiers are heroes.
      My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. ❤️

    2. @Kathy N your government is the problem , you should mind your own bussiness , but you can’t , because your entire economy is based on conflicts around the world .So gtfo with your fake grief for the ukrainians, i bet you couldn’t care less .

    3. @Kathy N Drop the hearts and join the Ukrainians in battle.
      The puppies are not pleased with you.

  18. *”The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.”*

    V. Zelenski

    As epic as any words ever uttered in war.

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