HHS Nominee Says Biden Treating Vaccinations As An Emergency | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

HHS Nominee Says Biden Treating Vaccinations As An Emergency | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President-elect Joe Biden laid out his $1.9T relief package Thursday, focusing on a new round of stimulus checks to Americans and an ambitious vaccine distribution plan. California AG and HHS nominee Xavier Becerra joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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HHS Nominee Says Biden Treating Vaccinations As An Emergency | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Thank God. This guy speaks for what the people want. Call it whatever you want we’re going to get America back baby

    1. Too many joy in my heart because *SLIVERHACKZ* on 1G and his team make me smile with bunch of succėssful works, thanks once again

  2. I forgot what a sane and competent administration looked like. Biden knows get the Covid-19 under control, before the economy recovers.

    1. biden is going to destroy our economy. On his first day in office he plans on opening the borders and shutting down the country over covid. They are just using covid to bring in communism. Then biden says he will ban the use of fossil fuels. This is communist plan for mass starvation and destruction. biden is deep state.

    2. @Sam McCormack Lol anytime it’s a democrat in office you republicans go on this fear mongering tirade about how they’ll “destroy the economy”, and yet under trump the top 1% got richer, while the middle and lower class got extremely poorer. This is why you won’t see the GOP in complete power for years to come, you’ve shown that you don’t act or think responsibly for everyone in the US.

    3. @Sam McCormack Lol sure, just like when you guys said “the country would burn down under Obama”, and let’s not forget my favorite line from you weirdos which is “he’ll take your guns” . Biden will do fine, waaay better than trump who allowed the 1% to get substantially richer while the middle and lower classes got poorer.

    1. Now it’s getting done because he IS in….you people are so slow and brainwashed it’s pathetic … And if you think things are going back to “normal” you are sorely mistaken…..this isn’t going away….

  3. Mary Trump’s book explains everything. donald trump effs up everything he touches. 120 hours and 10 minutes until President Biden ends the disastrous trump era.

    1. @La Rosa no you all got conned by the greatest showman ever!! a failed real estate mogul turned reality star!!

    2. @La Rosa Everyone around trump eventually breaks ties with him and tells the truth, why do you still blindly see him as a god?

  4. No matter what Biden does, the trump fans will be criticizing him at every turn. So predictable. Just ignore them and focus on rebuilding back better!!

    1. @V6060 M exactly. They know Biden is just going to keep making trump look even worse. America will move on, with or without them.

  5. This person acts like he cares about the American people. He didn’t even mention the stock market or maskless rallies for votes.
    YOU GO JOE!!!

    1. Too many joy in my heart because *SLIVERHACKZ* on 1G and his team make me smile with bunch of succėssful works, thanks once again

  6. God help him and protect him so that he can fulfill his promise I wanted Barnie to be president, but I believe in this man I have to believe that he will unite the country and that people see the results and forget the garbage that was in the presidential chair for 4 long years

    1. @Chauncey W With the lowest unemployment numbers before the coronavirus their must be a lot of millionaires HUH BOY!

    2. @Joe Dementia Fingers Lol I was waiting for you to bring that up . Did you also know the majority of those jobs part time and minimum wage, which a single person couldn’t afford standard rent in any 1 bedroom apartment in all 50 states of this country?? If you’re gonna brag about his unemployment numbers, at least tell the entire story.

    3. @Chauncey W No one makes people pick a part time job when the economy is booming, Trump can’t make people pick good jobs! Just wait till Dementia Joe taxes businesses and they leave, you can ask a homeless person for a job!

    4. @Chauncey W What was available at the time was plenty of jobs and like always some people still choose Burger King!

  7. Amazingly, Biden has done more for America during the weeks leading up to his inauguration, than Trump has done in FOUR YEARS.

  8. Republicans didn’t have any problem with millionaires making over a trillion dollars during the pandemic, but they’ll get upset if you ask for 2k to cover your bills.

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