HHS Officially Recommends Vaccine Booster Shots Starting September 20


    1. @DAVID Haha. Nah, I’d love to leave Trump in the past, but he keeps turning up like the proverbial bad penny.

    2. @Trumpocalypse He will live rent free in your head forever. That’s sad. Seek help.
      Disclaimer: I’m vaccinated and voted for Obama twice. Didn’t vote for Trump.

    3. @Peter Bills you are confused and have it jumbled, sir. I am happy to be pre-death – do you want to be post death for some reason or other? and also, recommendations are not mandates

  1. I am happy to announce that Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s 3Q and 4Q Profit Statements will look very good as a result.

    1. The msm, big pharma, big tech, the war machine.. anybody who tries to stand up and expose this evil will be called everything they call trump. People better wake up fast

    1. Maybe you should include a little more information? Or does that make your narrative sound a little silly? Here, I’ll do it for you : “In the last week, 2,672 new breakthrough cases — infections in people who have been vaccinated — were reported, with 496 more people hospitalized and the 18 new deaths, officials said Tuesday. That brings the total to 12,641 cases and 124 deaths in people with breakthrough infections.

      Both figures remain a tiny percentage of the total number of all people who have been vaccinated — just 0.01% of vaccinated people are hospitalized, and 0.29% have been infected. An even smaller percentage has died: 0.003%”

    2. @Trumpocalypse “Half of the infections in Israel now are among the fully vaccinated, and public health officials are beginning to see signs of more serious disease among them, said Sharon Alroy-Preis, the nation’s Director of Public Health Services” -Boston Globe

  2. Remember when citizens were well enough educated to understand the difference between “recommended” and “mandated”?

    1. @Dave Waldon yes, I do remember when I could normally trust government officials.
      But that was before Jan 20, 2017 …

    2. Remember when you took the covid vaccine? Are you experiencing life altering side effects? You may be entitled to compensation

    1. You’re living in the final days lol why can’t everyone see what’s going on. Covid is real and has been used to carry out an agenda. The vaccines are spreading more variants (they’re doing this on purpose). Boom a new and current conspiracy. However, it’s true they are not our government!

  3. “Safe and MOSTLY Effective” apparently.

    Until the Lambda Variant and all the other Greek Alphabets after that.
    But, pattern recognition is fascist.

  4. Who feels better about their stance now:
    People who haven’t been jabbed, or those who are “fully vaxxed” and are now looking at their 3rd booster shot, then 4th, 5th…?

    1. I figured I’ll have to have boosters for life or till all the antivaxers die off or get sent to the camps.

  5. The booster shot its not that one its an other name for covid 19 shot wake up people they try to treat you

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