High Alert for India Delta Variant & Brazilian Variant of Covid in Jamaica | TVJ News - June 29 2021 1

High Alert for India Delta Variant & Brazilian Variant of Covid in Jamaica | TVJ News – June 29 2021


As Jamaica remains on high alert for the Delta and Brazilian variants of the Covid-19, the country will soon be able to test for such variants. Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, says there are plans to ramp up testing.

Introduction – 0:00
JMDA Meets with Jamaican Gov't Over Contract Disputes – 4:08
Opening Up of Jamaican Economy Premature – 9:47
Jamaican Gov't Cancels Grand Concert – 14:06
The Business Minute – 19:21

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  1. Just stay focused with Jamaica leave other country out of the equation every time when people are making a point they have to use other country to get their point across why

  2. My question to you sir if your party was in government would you do much better or you just a big hypocrite


  4. Over the years that’s what Jamaican government do chat and just chat all them do is chat and lie and these are the reason I said all politicians should go to prison

  5. What I can’t understand with all the companies making money in this country, none can offer to donate these equipment for the country and Covid affects everyone..
    Another thing is it’s not about the amount of doctors out there but the quality of the work..

  6. Tell y clef the government should be helping the farmers more. They want the poor to stay poor that’s y

  7. Then they modify the time they keep their dance….Sir there is a pandemic and the whole world is modifying the way they do business…..why do you think people holding dance should be excluded…

  8. SMH…the PM trying to appease the nation with entertainment opening after his double standard handling of the DRMA and now is caught up in another covid threat… if only you and your police had been fair all along!I!! What you gonna do now Sir!!!

  9. Never thought the day would come when Jamaica has too many doctors. How can that be? How many residents are in each hospital? Really! Mr Tufton, there’s no way I can agree with you. We are a nation of ambitious people. Seek to excel in what we do. Your job is to encourage not discourage people from pursuing their dreams.

  10. If Jamaica has a surplus of doctors, send them to the USA. We have a shortage of doctors in the country, especially black doctors. They should be applying to come to the US to work. I can’t find a black doctor at my HMO. With all that knowledge and experience they could make a ton of money. We do have a lot doctors from India who applied for the H1visa to work in the US. They could do the same. I just feel comfortable with a doctor that looks like me. Just saying.

  11. When since broken English allowed in Parliament ? It is refreshing to hear in one sence but I didn’t know it was practiced. Thought you had to speak the Queens English.

  12. Jamaicans needs to stop putting themselves into this thing the death rate would tell like the other countries.We need to focus on building our people and strengthen our main resource our people that are alive and trusting God to keep them. We need work and support for our familes.

  13. What a nonsense in this pandemic no renewal of contract when patients still neglected at hospitals

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