High Costs of Covid-19 Testing | Traffic Congestion in Port Antonio | TVJ Midday News – Sept 6 2021

High Costs of Covid-19 Testing | Traffic Congestion in Port Antonio | TVJ Midday News - Sept 6 2021 1


  1. Engage parents and other family members to help teachers ..they are all in lockdown together until next week

  2. It just took me a few weeks to learn how to use each of the online platforms that I used before and this was due to great passion for what I enjoy doing and enthusiasm. It takes time, yes, but teachers ought not to be making excuses due to their lack of competence. There’s always room for improvement and with the proper equipment and enthusiasm, they will succeed in delivering their lessons. If they can use other machinery at home, they can use the available technology effectively and be highly efficient.

  3. It seems like the government don’t respect the hard work teacher do them all for them self teachers have to pay bills while tax payers bay government bills

  4. The online classes would work better if its staggered by reducing classroom size from 30 to 15. Example, first group of 15 students face to face on Mon-Tues, second group online Mon-Tues the First Group Wed-Thursday online class and second group face to face. Fridays for home-work and online group discussion and week review.

  5. Add congestion from Mammee Bay to Priory (all because of the traffic light in priory. You’d think someone would care enough to address the issue)

  6. Not everyone can afford data, children paid their school fees yet no face to face, class room base teaching. Are we going to be refunded

  7. Everything with Jamaicans is always about money, never about doing for the betterment of their country. Don’t forget about coming to the USA, the money sounds sweets, but cost of living is high in some State with the salary teachers are getting paid.

  8. I wasnt shock about the reggae toys i mean boyz, not until Jamaica can beat Mexico consistantly,Canada,USA,Honduras they are not ready to take on a Brazil, Argentina,England etc,when they even struggle to beat a Cuba,Haiti,Martinique and so then that isn’t a test….fire Tapper and whoever the coaching staff be then take them on a two month camping at some remote place so they can gather some focus…….Reggae toyz are fan pleasers that is all they are but anyways i finish talking..

  9. They don’t know how to take the test because they should not push the Qtip so far inside your nose unprofessional set a people doing the test kmt

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