High Distrust Among GOP Voters Following 2020, New Report Shows 1

High Distrust Among GOP Voters Following 2020, New Report Shows


A new report on the 2020 election from the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group shows only 29 percent of Trump voters believe the election was conducted fairly and accurately. Robert Griffin joins Morning Joe to discuss.
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  1. The people who don’t believe in truths and facts are because they themselves are liars all their lives that they no longer can recognize truth.

    1. @Jeremy Backup now that is funny, I’ve always heard just the opposite. Guess that is whatever perspective you are starting from.

    2. @Michael D yep if they could only look up operation mockingbird. But they would rather stay ignorant and be comfortable. They don’t deserve freedom tbh

    3. @Jeremy Backup If you want to upset a Democrat just tell them Joe Biden is trafficking children and they support it

  2. There is any reason other than a con man told them so, that is what is truly sad. When an adult can’t see a lie, it is because they don’t want to believe the truth.

    1. Trump didn’t tell is that the Lawyers like Tom Fitton of judicial watch did.

    1. @Soulife “We have tens of thousands of votes on hand in Georgia if needed .”——-Stacy Abrams.

      “He’s not going to be president is he?”
      “ don’t worry,we have a plan.”——fbi 2016

    2. @Morbidly Oppressed you’re a sock puppet account. An account made in 2021 like most of the other sock accounts. And the only quote of Abrams online saying that all lead to comments from you. You’re a bad actor, probably from an s-hole country, and your life is sad. Even if you were hired by the GQP, it’s all still true.

    3. ​@Bat Boy Those radical leftists will have you believe it’s covered in ash but then why would it be ash if there’s no oxygen in space for a fire? French fries aren’t from France Marxist…

    1. @Trumpocalypse Yup, they said the same thing about Bush Jr, that history would show how great a President he really was, and yet now they want nothing to do with him. What can you say, they are followers, not leaders.

    2. @David Gray great presidents don’t get talked into wars we don’t need.
      Thousands lives, trillions in treasure.
      No- bid contracts to his Vice Presidents former contractor, where the VP makes millions.

    3. @David Gray They hate Jar-Jar so much because he screwed up so hard a black man became President.

    4. @Polydynamix Reminder Operation Mockingbird is still imbedding literal C.I.A. agents in corporate media outlets to spread controlled-opposition propaganda and divide/distract the public from establishment interests.

      You can watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube with the testimony on the former president of CBS. Can also read up on the declassified documentation on Senate(dot)gov.

      Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills, plagued by a mass dual-citizenship epidemic and can ultimately vote on their own Congressional term limits, lobbyism regulations, salaries, audits, etc… Don’t expect much.

    1. I have 2 clients who are Trumpsters. It near impossible to get thru the appointments they are soooooo STUPID. It’s embarrassing.

    2. @Tex AJP I’m going to look at this. A lot of the right-wing misinformation in the comments of YouTube, between 70-80%, are all made by sock puppet accounts created in 202021. It’s either foreign bad actors, or GQP misinformation campaign. Maybe both. Their comments are usually meant to trigger people but it’s sometimes just misinformation that’s not outrage inducing.

      I’m kinda surprised it’s not talked about more, like nobody has noticed. I was gonna say I’m surprised YT hasn’t addressed it but they don’t want that heat on them. The left will look at foreign relations and the right will look at antitrust. It’s just all bad for everyone…

    3. Soulife turning point usa also has a bot farm, there was another one that got banned I forget the name

    4. @Soulife that was Jesse Waters and you obviously didn’t finish watching The Five, after the commercial it came out that he was correct. The guest was wrong. Finish what you started next time. Do you always read only half of a book?

    5. @Miss Dee no, I did watch that. And if you continued to watch the guest even addressed that as he continued to be yelled over. Also pay attention to body language, one is speaking sincerely and one is talking performatively. Who is speaking to who

  3. Yet regardless of this new evidence they still want to go thru a fraudit. When is enough enough?

    1. It will never be enough. If by some chance the Cyber Ninjas come back and say there was no fraud in AZ, then they will say that the Ninjas are “in on it”. The goal post will continue to get moved.

  4. It really is depressing that they are this stupid… I feel you there pal. In the span of 6 years the entire party has degraded into conspiracy driven lunacy that is tangled up in it’s own lies. And went from being the backbone of American defense, to now supporting Vladimir Putin over our own President?!

    1. @Trump D Is no where near as bad as Trumps Prejudice ,Racist and vile Ideology and mental state.

    2. That is the absolute truth. Someone who doesn’t believe anyone else is telling you they are dishonest to their very core.

    3. @Otis Dylan No its not. Look at you. You cannot think for yourself. Luckily Trump will be back this year

  5. In reality the Chinese and Russians have got their “pop corn” and their just enjoying the show. I’m sure Sun Tzu would have said ” I told ya so”.

    1. Look up Falun Gong, they are complete but jobs, Falun Gong and epoch times are spreading anti China misinformation all over the internet

  6. It’s inconvenient for the maga’s to acknowledge that Trump had already fabricated a pretense of voter fraud months before the election. Trump knew he was going to lose.

  7. Trump immediately got rid of Christopher Krebs when he had to audacity to announce that the 2020 election was very clean. Trump wants to shove his notions down others throats, regardless of what is actually true.

  8. That’s right Joe. These people, who believe these conspiracies, seek the information that reinforces their bent outlook.

  9. Republicans hold this country back. They need to be shoved in a corner and forgotten until they can come up with some policy that benefits this nation.

    1. Sitting in the corner until they can behave themselves ;-))) If it wasn’t such a serious Matter I would laugh…..

  10. Giuliani is a start not nearly enough let’s get everybody that promoted this lie and prosecute them let’s strengthen our democracy instead of weakening it vote blue across the ticket and get rid of these cancers on our democracy. Even if it’s one or two elections just enough to clean up from mayors to senators!

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