High Food Price in Jamaica | Removal of Queen | Triple Murder | Face to Face Classes 1

High Food Price in Jamaica | Removal of Queen | Triple Murder | Face to Face Classes


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    1. You know ntn
      Every thing take paper and pen and debate through the parliament. And the law makers.
      Government can just do what they want. It take time and debates

    2. @Mathew Owens They had 60 years to make changes, and why it is still not done? Stop making excuses for Incompetent Politicians.

  1. What about the slogan. “Eat what we grow and grow what we eat”? What happened to that? We are too reliant on foreign powers that be. Sad to say the least.

    1. You can’t plant everything and not everyone lives somewhere they can plant food. We need to be less dependent on foreign import

  2. This is worldwide the cost of food is going up that means that a lot of laboratory food will be on the shelf soon, its time for countries to plant there own food and feed your people .

    1. A lot of mechanically engineers food..That’s why you have so much cancer ♋ killing people in the world 🌎.

  3. These killer’s are coward cold hearted but God going to bring it to light so you will soon know the killer or killer’s may your children and mother rest in peace.

    1. God? That’s our biggest problem as black people, we always a wait pon Devine intervention. It’s not coming‼️

  4. What exactly does Jamaica get from being part of the monarchy? It would seem that the queen is living a life off these counties.

  5. Let them go back to do more farming why should you buy waters in Jamaica what happen to the springs waters and get your own bottle to catch it my father use to carry his water in shut bag bring back the old days

  6. How can you read the news and say a man escaped from prison and you don’t show a picture of the man? How is the community or the country can help? Why tell us 5hat a man escaped? That is a ridiculous and stupid presentation.

  7. Those two beautiful girls and their grandmother lost their lives and the police can’t solve the case they should seek outside help.

  8. Andrew must move and go gweh how can you not help Jamaican farmer to plant their own food and import food from China supermarket is starving the higgler in the market all them Chinese and Indian taking all that money back to their country not spending a dime in Jamaica the worst things any government can do is to make some else feed their people 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  9. The whole World is going through a food crisis. Inflation and fuel prices is skyrocketing in the US and other Nations, there are shortages in nearly everything from food, electronics, computer chips, raw plastic materials, rubber, lumber and their prices are also skyrocketing. It has been for some time since the mid 2020 during the pandemic. We are now feeling the full effect of whats going on in the rest of the World. We get a lot of goods from South America and they are also feeling it as well with their prices and fuel skyrocketing.

    1. Can’t compare to Jamaica tho cause our jobs don’t pay government thief and no pay them workers and our money don’t worth a thing and everything going up think about that, even the US prices are going they still get pay and can buy more than we can

  10. Thinking about confession can bring up emotions prompting you to run away. Try to overcome them. Confession is an uncomfortable action, but is important to the path of healing. When we hide our sins, it only makes things worse. Instead, bring them into the light by sharing your sins. Start today.

  11. Frood price id high everywhere in the world not only in Jamaica. Eat whet you grow, grow what you eat. Is this news?

  12. Jamaica doesnt need the foreign nations as much as they need Jamaica – they dont have the food water wood ect in foreign like ja does..if ja pushed them out they would have to respect ja..it is the resource for foreign and vacation spot..jamaicans need to close borders and build within..eat all the coconut water everyday and live in your paradise

  13. Falla Falla Jamaica…Why we always have to wait for another country to do a thing before we do. The same happened with Ganja! When are our leaders going to actually lead?!

  14. This proves that so many of us r followers not leaders. Y in the past it wasn’t done until Barbados made this move n everyone else who could have effect this change didn’t.

  15. Kmt it’s taken for another country to do what they should have done years ago from Barbados to Jamaica to now be trying to do the same thingkmt as

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