Higher Costs, Slower Mail: What Dejoy's USPS 10-Year Plan May Mean For Customers | MSNBC 1

Higher Costs, Slower Mail: What Dejoy’s USPS 10-Year Plan May Mean For Customers | MSNBC


NBC’s Geoff Bennett joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss USPS Postmaster General Louis Dejoy 10-year strategic plan and what it means for both employees and customers. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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USPS Postmaster General Announces 10-Year Strategic Plan | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. The BIDEN Administration can get rid of him ONLY if they increase the number of governors on the USPS board. DeJoy is a political appointee in the sense that the USPS board got stacked with Republican supporters. You can argue that Biden would be “playing politics” by increasing the board number to add Democrats to the mix, but I’d argue that it’s more about restoring the status quo if they go that way.. similar to getting rid of the Filibuster that the Republicans use to hold up Legislation getting passed. Currently DeJoy is doing what’s in his personal self interest under the guise of improving the USPS which is what the Republicans in Congress are mostly doing.

    2. He’s going. More people on the board will vote to remove this criminal who was obviously put in place to steal the election in favour of the republicans – it failed 🙂

    3. @Adamson line array speakers have kevlar woofer cone Haha – that’s exactly what I will be doing when I see DeJoy marched out of his office and straight into an indictment! Too funny alright 🙂

    4. @Andrew Sep Trump was trying to steal the election in full view by placing DeJoy into the job. Like everything 45 touches, it failed and they lost the election. He will be going – you’re so right 🙂

    5. @Jeffrey Photonboy That’s it. DeJoy is there for his personal interest and to help the Republicans win elections. He will be going. I laughed when he said he’s staying so get used to it! The confidence of this man shows no bounds.

  1. Dejoy should be looking at 10 yrs behind bars for trying to interfere and disrupt the mail in ballots during the election. The only thing wrong with the USPS is Dejoy.

    1. @Ronald King
      Yeah, you’re taking some liberties there with the injunctions that were handed down before the election took place.
      Cause and effect?
      Correlation to smooth ballot delivery?
      To say otherwise is just guessing.
      What do you think about rolling back the outrageous pension pre-funding so the USPS isn’t operating (financially) with both hands tied?

    2. @Studio DaVeed You’re taking some liberties with cause and effect as well. You have assumed that ballots were going to be treated better without the injunction than livestock that died in facilities. The 2006 law is wrong as no one has to fund for people that haven’t even worked there yet except the Post Office.

    3. @Ronald King
      You have assumed that ballots were going to be treated better without the injunction…

      I made no such claim; don’t put words to my commentary.
      I state that the effect of the injunctions are unknown (as there is no opposite case to compare.)

      than livestock that died in facilities.

      ??? gonna have to explain that one…

    4. @Studio DaVeed The Post Office is required to deal with poultry in the forms of chicks. They died in facilities as the Post Office failed to live by its standards, and yet you claim they would without the injunction on ballots. Chicks were not the only thing that the Post Office was failing to live by in its standards as it is failing to meet First Class mail standards, and there was a proposal to treat election materials as bulk rate mail.

    1. @christistratton i mail out 50-80 items a week all across the globe but mostly in the US. out of the 10 lost packages id say 4 of them were over seas and the other 6 were in the US. i think that 10 packages out of 30,000 to 40,000 is a very acceptable rate. but as a small business, any loss of product hurts and is felt. 2 of the over seas packages were for a lot of money. 1 was 1100.00 and the other was a 600.00 order.

    2. @Renda Jones Because there are not enough people on the board or committee to fire him. Need to speed up this process!!!

  2. the most shocking part of all of this is hearing Dejoy still has a job after what we went through in November.

    1. @Zolar Czakl The other thing Biden needs to do is to replace the rest of the idiotic board which agreed to DeJoy’s appointment.

    1. @R L T OK, it’s sad that you can’t see the scam. How you are being mislead. I don’t know why you believe a man who has a need to put his name on building and speaks in the 3rd person, cares about you boggles the mind.
      Honestly feel sorry for you.

    1. Yes and he is doing well. Me and a few othier company’s will no longer relay on the USPS as they have been proven unreliable.

    2. The sweeping 58-page plan, titled “Delivering for America, — Pay more, Get Less — There you go USPS, I created your new slogan.

  3. So when are those 3 board members being replaced, and when will they vote to have this seditionist removed???

  4. Let me guess… they’re going to remove more automated sorting machines to slow down mail in voting ballets even more.

  5. It’s just unbelievable how someone like him can get in and destroy the American post office and there’s not anything the American people can do but set back and watch.

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