1. @Eder R The guns are brought in from other states. All americans do is love the fetus but not the child. Your ignorance is exhausting.

    2. @Not Here There’s a saying here in America for people who have opinions to subjects/people they know nothing about. “You’re talking about a movie you haven’t seen.”

  1. This will only get worse until more people start caring about what happens to their fellow Americans.

    Patriotism has nothing to do with waving a flag or standing for the National anthem. Because those are all things you can literally train a mon.key to do. And if you can train a mon.key to do it, it’s probably not patriotic at all.

    True Patriotism is about service, shared sacrifice, unselfishness, and caring about what happens to your fellow American citizens. Because it matters.

    Semper Fi..

    1. @David J to show how little you know about the 90s awb.

      “Key issues: Although the weapons banned by this legislation were used only rarely in gun crimes before the ban, supporters felt that these weapons posed a threat to public safety because they are capable of firing many shots rapidly.”

    2. Lookup below for the truth

      Impacts of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban – Office of Justice Programs

    3. Wrong. It’s about American Pride also. The Democrats are going after Christmas, Thanksgiving and now the 4th of July. Blame the woke Democrats for all of this.

  2. Twisted people do things for many reasons. Boston in the 1980s with a teen who killed a neighbor child and actually went searching for the child, who he had actually himself killed. This person had mental issues having been from a broken home, and had been known to have had a hatred for his parent who he believed had abandoned his mom and sister. The Matthew Rosenberg/Kenny Claudio murder in Boston was an example of a child who not been recognized as a danger to others.

  3. I just don’t get the randomness of these shootings. Why can’t they target bad guys like sex traffickers, pedophiles, cartel members, etc.? Why innocents? I mean, if you’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison, why not make it count for something?

  4. Damn shame, we need someone who can connect with these young men and prevent them from going to violent measures. Someone needs to come by and influence these kids to do good.

    1. @SuperMariaone my right to defend me and my family is my priority. Law enforcement’s priority are people like Crimo. They had encounters with this guy in 2019. This has nothing to do with guns. For you to say that is disingenuous to the 2.5 million Americans every year that protect themselves and their families lives lawfully using a legally purchased weapon whether it be a handgun or a semi automatic rifle. This is the by product of poor law enforcement protocols, back ground checks, and police vetting. You know this already, so stop playing dumb and let’s make some real change. But demanding we enforce more laws towards our 2nd amendment will not happen in all states (red states have less gun crime btw) nor will these gun control laws you speak of pass federally, especially once the mid terms get here lol. So please, come up with real solutions not these half baked lazy ideas to disarm the law abiding citizens. Also, just to note. 68 lives were lost in Chicago due to gun violence over the weekend which has not been reported on and half of them were using illegally obtained ak’s and AR style guns in the inner city. This whole “half reporting” the facts has to go.

    2. Right, where were his parents, he obviously needed help. I’m for convicting parents who don’t seek help for their messed up sons.

    3. @Pedro The Mexican There where flags prior to the gun purchase. The federal law that was past I believe keys on such flags. If it did not presently work how would it work in the future. Seems there are holes in the process. The guys face is full of flags. Yes I said it. Lastly guns do not kill people. People kill people. If I was a gun dealer this guy came up to me and gave me his FOID card, I would have my reservations and double check on the background.

    4. @Pedro The Mexican Another way to look at and yes you should care and matters. Would you give your car keys to someone who had a couple of DUI’s to pick up your love one? I wouldn’t, even if person was sober at the time of the discussion.

  5. What I wanna know is, woman come from broken homes, have mental issues & have a lot to be upset about right now too. Why is it women don’t commit mass shootings?

    1. @Colin Davis So, you think that this psychopaths behavior is due to woman not loving people enough . . . I am completely dumbfounded by this line of thinking . . . And I believe that God would be also !

  6. Can’t believe she said it ” These laws are not protecting the people they intended to protect”

    1. @Sisu Guillam you mean laws against murdering people? Yeah, those have been around for a while champ. Go move to the UK then if your worried about it.

    2. @Sisu Guillam The point is even if he was flagged for RED flag laws, and he wasn’t allowed to buy a gun legally. He still could’ve gotten ahold of a gun from the black market as easy as 1,2,3. So if he had his mind set to do something like this, it would’ve still happened regardless.

    1. She is not confessing – she made a factual statement. I have met a person who went on to commit mass murder.

    2. It should not be. Maybe if he had more good adults in his life maybe he would have gotten help. While yes he is guilty of doing terrible things but it would have been so much better if he had never made this terrible choice.

    3. ​@Ricky Tenderkiss You failed to see the point. It’s how the public will view it as regardless if a crime or not.

  7. This event has to be heartbreaking for the mayor to have known the suspect as a Cub Scout when he was growing up. I bet she’s wondering what happened to him for him to even consider and carry out this deed. It’s sad that this country has to continuously deal with these types of acts. My prayers are with the citizens of Highland Park.

  8. *The questioning in this interview seemed to be centralized around the never-ending debate on gun politics. I wanted to hear more about the actual Mayors history with the suspect, an update about victims, and her city’s efforts to establish a sense of safety in Highland Park.*

    1. Well speaking as someone who comes from another country, I think it’s about a) gun control, and b) not plastering the perpetrator’s face all over the news. In my country, these types of situations are MUCH more rare, and no one gets attention for these sorts of things.

  9. “The only way we can fix this problem is to give more taxbreaks to the wealthy.” Mitch McConnell

  10. Weekly mass shootings? Umm, the US has been averaging daily plus mass shootings a day in 2022.
    Thank you GOP.

  11. I knew someone for many years who was on Disability due to Schizo Effective Disorder and BPD. That was her actual diagnosis….I know because I helped her get into county housing. And yet….she had a gun. Bought it herself. Makes zero sense that we have to fight so hard to get some reasonable gun laws. Gun ownership should be a privilege for those who can prove they’ve had the training to use one safely and has a responsible attitude to have one. It should NOT be just a right for anybody off the street to walk into a gun shop and buy one. Other countries have figured this out. Why can’t we?

  12. Robert has so many connections to political people it’s uncanny.

    May there be something they are NOT telling us ?

  13. “Let’s ask him what got him to this point” immediately cuts to the next segment it’s easier to right the kid off as a racist , right wing radically motivated individual, I see it more as a failure by all the adults around him to notice his decline and to do something

  14. Nothing about Robert Crimo appears to be a typical “rapper”. I think I get it with this one and how horribly sad for him, but what he’s done is so very bad.

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