1. The EU is one of the US most important allies, says Sondland. Yet when he was ambassador there, he did his best to undermine and destabilise it. I think that I’ll skip this one, thanks.

  2. A Republican lawyer said the shortest route fr DT to wear an Orange Jumpsuits is the WH CLASSIFIED Documents.😮

  3. Not to hate but didnt he basically bought the post with 1 million $ donation? How the hell is that anyone can do anything if they set their mind?

    1. Ambassadorships have been used as rewards for donors, for as long as this country has existed. You cannot name a president that hasn’t done this. Trump may have been especially egregious, but this is not novel.

    2. @Patricia Egipciaco He is a self made man. He started with nothing, and made a lot of money in real estate.

    3. Close to the truth. What he should have said is that anyone with significant money to ‘donate’ can buy influence. That is how American politics works.

    4. @mike garcia Yes it may be corruption but unfortunately that is how American politics operates. It is a myth that the essence of American democracy works on ‘one person one vote’ when the wealthy have disproportionate influence.

  4. Maybe it’s a better idea to have someone who graduated from college with experience in law or PhD in international affairs, politics, policy, history etc….This guy is a joke just like the rest of Trump’s administration all jokers and that’s why we are in the mess we are in….

    1. @BRUCEwayneISsober69 I have been called lots of things in life, but troll has never been one of them. I think it’s just a very common thought, and it’s being expressed by people. That doesn’t make it a troll farm, it just means people are getting tired

  5. Didn’t that guy buy his position as ambassador?!?

    P.S. His tell when he’s bluffing is his face (and head) turns red.

    1. Maybe all i know for sure is his “opening statement in the impeachment trial”.
      Where media claims it very damning to Trump and with great detail.

      Yet 1 questions shows us the entire opening statement was a lie OR better said what he imagine to happen.
      “did you speak with Trump before the phone call? ”
      His answer: Yes 5 minutes before the call..
      Yet his entire opening never mentioned this.. Cause then he had to tell the fact that Trump told him he doesn’t care, just make sure they recieve the money.

    2. Yes he did. That unfortunately is how many political appointments are made in the USA. The rich can buy influence whereas people with talent and integrity are disregarded.

    1. you people are children.. all you need to do is look up what the ruski’s are doing.. they are bombing children on purpose.. and using white phosphorus.. intentionally.. knowing civilian F and R can’t put those fires out.. let me say that again, CIVILIANS (no i dont wanna specify but i mean all of em) are being set on fire with willy pete.. no one.. no one deserves that. you don’t have to subscribe to the conventions to know that is wrong.. and if you are gonna bomb someone, just turn the lights out. WP is one of the worst ways to go.. if we thought like that, we would send 100 B52s to Moscow loaded to the gills with napalm.. but this has gotta stop..

  6. The NEW’s medium seems less about reporting the State of Affairs but more a platform to launch the sale of books.

    1. Yep, it is so they can get all the guests on for free and generate free content for their news streams. It really sucks when you start to view what you thnk is a news report, only to find out it is someone massaging the truth in the hope of raising their profile by releasing a work of fiction that paints them as the main hero of the story. When they start to mention the book, then most info they discuss in the interview immediately loses all credibility, because that information has been glossed over to make the author out to be a lot more than he actually was, which will likely be highlighted with this lame attempt at a book. Did Gordon use a ghost-writer or did his write this work of fiction all by himself, and I think 99% already are quite confident on the answer to that question. I see Gordon buying up 10’s of thousands of his own book, just so that he does not get the award for lowest book sales of the year 😉

    2. @Phil Greg As someone who has attempted the `art of the novel’ lol, it takes considerable time to conjure a couple hundred pages, get it edited, published, etc.. Seems these `master-minds’ can get a book out no less than a few weeks following some `breaking event’ to capitalize on. Just another aspect of a fractured modern society..

  7. Gordon, how do you feel that you were part of the reason Putin felt a lack of US support for Ukraine and emboldened his invasion? You should add that one to your regrets

    1. Yeh, that guy could work with Lavrov .. it’s ludicrous how he says red herring but then complains about Guiliani.
      His explanation was incoherent, if it’s not obvious why singling out the single corruption investigation that benefited Trump was stupid and wrong, he should never have made Ambassador.

    2. one of the keys to understanding the conflict rest with understanding the agendas of Poland and the Baltic countries .

  8. Vindland did report it. While that is a fact, on the outside, I believe Vindland as a whistleblower was obligated to not raise any alarms in the WH, no?
    If Rudy Giuliani is anything at all, he is highly inappropriate.

  9. hahahahahaha, what he really said is, “Anyone can do anything in the United States if Trump is president, and you give him a million dollars.”

  10. “‘Highly inappropriate’ (says) Ex-US ambassador on Trump and Giuliani’s handling of Ukraine” so let’s “Convince It Forward” and Laus DEO

  11. With the backwardness of our economy, increment in the price of gas, alarming rates of unemployment. I must confess our country have taken a wrong turns.vividly I don’t know how else to carter for my expenses

    1. @Mathew Anthony She has really made a good name for herself, please how can I contact the Laura Cohen?

    2. I countlessly share my experience with co-workers at work, on how I made $23,000 from $2,000 in 7 days of trading

  12. Poor old Gordon is trying to rewrite history so that is is more flattering to him. Let’s face it, Gordon was not even an amatuer in this job, he had zero experience and had no place whatsoever in being in that position, simply because he had nothing to offer, no experience, no skills and definitely no understanding or real appreciation of the diplomatic craftplay that are required to be effective in such role. Gordon likes to big himself up, and this is what this book is all about. The problem, for Gordon though is that he is a hotel-chain-owning ‘d’ lister and ‘d’listers don’t make the best sellers list or anywhere near it, and this book is likely to be a massive sales flop, regardless of how many news shows Gordon goes on to try and pomote it, as nobody is interested in Gordons revisionist history at all. The biggest sales of Gordons books will be made by Gordon himself most likely in order to try to mask what a giant failure this book was 😉

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