Hillary Clinton Calls Out GOP Reps Who Downplay Capitol Riot: They’re ‘Not Open To Reality’ | MSNBC 1

Hillary Clinton Calls Out GOP Reps Who Downplay Capitol Riot: They’re ‘Not Open To Reality’ | MSNBC


Hillary Clinton says the GOP’s denial of the Capitol riot is ‘indicative of how far gone they are. They’re operating in an alternative reality.’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Hillary Clinton Calls Out GOP Reps Who Downplay Capitol Riot: They’re ‘Not Open To Reality’ | MSNBC


  1. And on the day, 99% of them were scared to death. If these same people broke into their homes they would be calling for max jail time. However, these are the people they rely on for votes. They created the situation and only voting them out will bring us to a place we don’t fear this happening again.

    1. @Cal Wilson Oh actually Joe Biden eventually condemned the riots, several months in. I remember him saying that it’s wrong regardless of whether it comes from the left or the right. He’s never actually acknowledged that any comes from the left though even though 99% of it does. He never stood up for police in his speech the other day either, or condemned liberal media for demonising the police 24/7. Fact!

    2. @Cheryl Pounds Very good point they did have two chances to get him out and they chose not to and then he tried to destroy the country and they still stick with him so they should never be back in power. But they’re trying to do it by voter suppression bills. We need a federal law to protect voters. We need to be able to vote a harmful party like that out.

    3. @Kar Walker all true. You can say it’s not true but it is. Didn’t you see the 2nd Biden/Trump debate when Biden said the BLM riots were all white supremacists and that Antifa is just an idea? Fact!

  2. Clinton is entirely correct – the GOP is not a rational, lucid party. Each one of the elected Republicans have devolved into their own alternate realities. A scant few of them are actually sensible enough to know reality and do their jobs but it is very few.

    1. @Rachel I know right? The only qualifications for this bunch are an oversized mouth and loyalty to the orange guy.

    2. @Roy Polloi Very true. In many decades of watching US politics, I can only say that I have never before seen such a bunch of no talent, incompetent, utterly corrupt, and totally unfit to hold public office …. as the current crop of GOP candidates and elected officials. It is truly scary that such a bunch could get 74 million votes in 2020. That is a very very sad commentary on the intelligence and critical thinking skills of large number of american voters.

    3. Yes especially since the only job GOP senators seem to think is theirs is to curry corporate favor and fundraising, and own the libs. They don’t govern, no platform, just obstruct and spread Russian disinformation and lies.

    4. @Corey Ham Well said exactly my thoughts. We need to make sure that voters are NOT suppressed. Also we need to educate people to what democratic principles are, some political science and history, and to think critically and stand up for the truth.

  3. It wasn’t the capital riot, it was the CAPITAL COUP, The GOP were just as responsible as the people who charged the capital.

    1. @Jerry P this is OUR COUNTRY not YOURS you should leave. You will not be welcome here

    2. @Republicans are terrorists well if we go to war you call on them supporters, they’ll mail in their support!

    1. @Collective Vision Your right about that, in fact @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA is a fake account.

    2. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! 🤭🤭🤭 heheheheheheh🤭🤭🤭you’re so funny!
      Really, how’d that happen 🧐what date?

  4. Seeing Hillary again will be a bigger hit on Fox than Mr. Potato Head & Beef Ban combined..

    1. Fox and the GOP had that whole “Uncle” Tim Scott narrative written and spell checked before he even gave his speech, and ultimately had to focus their faux outrage on the fact the term was “trending”, since no politician with any sense would dare say such a thing.

    2. @ExPFC Wintergreen v2.0
      They “heard” derogatory comments immediately following Scott’s speech. It must have been in the fox newsroom….

    3. But Q will be quieter. They’re still trying to figure out on how to fix the PizzaGaetz kabal story.

  5. Anyone who didn’t see this coming must not have been able to stomach one of Bonespurs Pep rallies for destruction.

  6. The populist right has made clear that its supposed devotion to the police and armed forces is entirely transactional.

  7. I thought Hillary is still in woods..but anyways she is right about deplorables !! Hats off Hillary !!!

  8. Yep, the world is moving foreword at a fast clip and we need to keep up and stay connected.
    The GOP is becoming obsolete, you snooze you loose in this world.

    1. @Aaron no clown you are. We are the majority and we will not EVER let you take this country back. Your regime showed us your plans we will not have it

    2. Your very rude awakening ? Your planning another insurrection coup are you all. Yes we know! But your plans are not exactly the same as Jan 06. Trump is rigging the Electoral college again. Yes he can try. And yes we know, Voter suppression is the key the GOP are fixated on. Its the whole of the Republican & Trump loyalist are being voted out as quick as the pop the head up

    1. At the very least it was a riot, if the terrorists had reached the politicians who knows how bad it could’ve gone, scary to think about. Unfortunately, I know people who just call it ” a bunch of patriotic trespassers”. SMH

    2. @Casey Sager : at the least it was …
      A COUP ! very simple.
      PLANNED !

  9. She was way too polite when she called Trump voters a basket of deplorables. They are much worse!

  10. She just said we all saw with her own eyes yet hundreds of people got away with it we saw was our own eyes what happened to George Floyd! Yet some people still don’t believe that he was murdered 🤔🤔🤔

  11. The one’s spinning the gaslighting BS are crooks. The Police officer in this clip and the Police that were there, you can see how traumatized he is. It’s heartbreaking. I believe we need more work done for PTSD support and emotional support .

  12. Sundance and the quick hand, I can’t imagine he ever saw it. I’ve never seen mine, it’s just a scene puppets on strings, herky jerky all the wrong moves

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