Hillary Clinton Caught Breaking Federal Election Law! 10/24/16

Hillary Clinton Caught Breaking Federal Election Law! 10/24/16 1


Hillary Clinton Caught Breaking Federal Election Law! 10/24/16


15 Comments on "Hillary Clinton Caught Breaking Federal Election Law! 10/24/16"

  1. I hate your show..

  2. you monsters that’s why ..you hate what is right about the truth..you luv
    the wrong…just accept it ..TRUMP is winning in any states ..you and
    killary are going to down oh boy I just wish you could follow her to Jail..

  3. I don’t feel like a blind idiot child but apparently that’s what Hillarys
    crew expects of me.

  4. hey it’s winter time it’s duck season again. if you shot that duck is world
    record size.

  5. Put her in jail… no bond.

  6. Ms. Kelly is only doing this to bring her ratings up, right?. This whole
    thing is no laughing matter, right?

  7. I used to respect Megan Kelly, till she became an unethical, immoral
    Hillary supporter.

  8. Sellout your own country! I hope you can’t sleep at night!

  9. How the heck can Hillary lead when she ask to pay people to visit her
    rally? LOL

  10. Hey, does anyone remember the old Chuck Norris joke? *”When Chuck Norris
    breaks wind, **it stays broken!”*

    *When Hillary breaks the law, **IT STAYS BROKEN!!!*

  11. Their corrupt ways are all coming to light now (out of the darkness into
    the light) and it’s exactly what needs to be done to these scheming liars!!
    They’re all in the same cult, drinking the same poison, what’s wrong is
    right, etc. Get these people behind bars!! ALL of them!!! They will all be
    serving time very soon! Justice will be served!!!

  12. he took the smile and lie class too!!!

  13. No law.

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