Hillary Clinton PASSES OUT & Admits She Has Pneumonia! 9/11/16

Hillary Clinton PASSES OUT & Admits She Has Pneumonia! 9/11/16 1


Hillary Clinton PASSES OUT & Admits She Has Pneumonia! 9/11/16

Hillary Clinton faints, passes out and is carried into a car.

Fox News – Hillary Clinton has Pneumonia – September 11, 2016


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  1. This is not pneumonia. I have it often because I have Lupus. This is not
    that. She has a cough that is not pneumonia. This is something else.

    • Do you faint?

    • Google Lupus……it has all sorts of things connected with it. One could
      faint for all kinds of reasons but we have seen her wobble and weeble and
      not fall down lately. This is not the first time she has been like this and
      even when she came out saying everything is great she wasn’t stable on her
      footing. Head bobbling is also not asso. with pneumonia. And yes, I have a
      medical background with a PhD in education. This is a neuro problem most
      likely asso. with Parkinson’s but then she won’t disclose. She doesn’t have
      to but we the people should have access to her records if she wants to run
      for office.

  2. InternetDisciple | September 11, 2016 at 8:00 PM | Reply

    If Hillary Clinton says that she has pneumonia, then I have little doubt
    that she does not have pneumonia.

    I can safely come to that conclusion because her lips are moving.

    • isn’t that almost a double negative sir which means she does have pneumonia
      but she doesn’t her knees are still weak from planting explosives

  3. I do not believe a word that comes out of Hillary’s mouth! Pneumonia! No

    • +Francis Rampacek
      The pneumonia excuse was created today. She has been sick for some time and
      it isn’t pneumonia.

    • Francis Rampacek | September 11, 2016 at 11:07 PM | Reply

      I tend to agree. But, there’s only so much I’m willing to go “to the mat”
      I just want a good president and I feel strongly she isn’t able. I hope, if
      Trump wins, he will be. Only time will tell. He’s named some good judges
      that he’d pick. Congress is so screwed up….IDK how to fix that debacle?
      Maybe some good judges and a strong president can shift the tide and get
      them to be more responsible too. Again…. only time will tell. Until then,
      I’m gonna catch as many trout as I can catch.

    • that’s not pneumonia!

  4. it looks like NOBODY BELIEVES YOUR LIES.

  5. Pneumonia is serious… if she has it she’s done, at her age she should
    stay in bed for weeks if not months… on the other hand if she did have
    pneumonia she wouldn’t have made it to the ceremony at all nor would she
    “recover” in just a couple of hours, I’m going with A-Fib, I think they’re
    using a defibrillation machine and/or possibly other medications on her…

    • Francis Rampacek | September 11, 2016 at 9:45 PM | Reply

      If she had a rapid afib requiring a cardioversion (different and less
      serious than a defibrillation for VENTRICULAR fib) she would still be in a
      hospital. No cardiologist would release her PERIOD. If it was a V-fib
      event….. she would be just coming out of the cath-lab after getting a new
      internal defibrillator/pacemaker. She probably had another Parkinson’s
      related seizure. IDK.
      I’m not gonna root for anything bad to happen to her. But, if it does….
      I’m gonna laugh.

  6. Isn’t it illegal for doctors to give that info out?

  7. 4 year case of pneumonia? Right

    • let us not jump to conclusions i have an eight year case of barakass

    • CSAcitizen Feather | September 11, 2016 at 10:24 PM | Reply

      Actually it’s more like 11-13 years that she’s had these symptoms – its’
      just at the end stages now and she is in the public eye now so we get to
      see her real condition. But she was falling and stumbling while the
      Clintons were still in the WH. Some of the symptoms and her confusion was
      evident back then according to those that were there. Huma was there too
      and she reported Hillary’s falls and confusion even back then.
      And since she has, notice Hillary made her leave. They have been together
      for 20 years and Hillary got rid of her after what Hillary saw as betrayal.
      of her personal life. And Hillary was really suck on her too – maybe that’s
      why she didn’t kill her off too. She let Huma live. But I’ll bet she’s back
      in Arabia now.
      But she too was working for the Clinton Foundation. Comey (FBI) also is
      part of it which is why he would not indict her. Literally EVERYONE in DC
      (and apparently NY too) is part of the Foundation ! So is Matt Lauer who
      did the TV forum a few days ago.
      Huma was literally glued to Hillary’s hip for 20 years !


    • CSAcitizen Feather | September 11, 2016 at 10:28 PM | Reply

      Darn wish they had an ‘edit’ here. That is suppose to say – Hillary was
      really STUCK on her too. – Darn ! I type too fast ! And i need a new
      keyboard – half of my keys are gone = worn out. Have a hole worn clear
      through my space bar !
      I do LOT of typing in my daily newsletters.

    • +CSAcitizen FeatherThere is an edit………..look to the upper right of
      your comments….see the 3 dots? Click on it and you’ll see edit, delete.

  8. behind the scenes something is going on with Hillary.

  9. Trump is working twice as hard. His health and energy is great! Liberals
    lie Always

  10. Come on people. The official media report is. It was a gust of wind!
    Nothing more nothing less. Go back to your football games. Nothing to see
    here. Anyone who thinks differently is a racist, fascist, misogynist
    Islamophobe, sexist, Putin loving, deplorable KKK pig. Move along. Move

  11. How interesting, the ABC poll put Clinton 6 points ahead, yet every other
    poll taken now shows Trump dead even and in the swing state of Ohio, ahead
    of Clinton by a point. I’d also like to point something else out.

    The race is most definitely not as close as people think it is. Very early
    this morning on 9-11-2016, I took that little Newsmax survey/election
    poll that sometimes pops up in the corner of the screen. If you notice,
    most of the polls reported by the media do a sampling of about 1,000
    people. Being an online poll the Newsmax poll doesn’t stop at a specific
    number of people. It just keeps going until they eventually close the pole.
    At the time I had taken the poll early this morning, the survey had polled
    around 10,000 people. I even took a screen shot of it. Wish I could
    actually post the screen shot here to show the results. It shows Trump
    absolutely CRUSHING Clinton. From a survey of about 10,000 people at the
    time I’d taken it, 8,331 people were in favor of Trump, and only 1,320 in
    favor of Clinton. Trump has 82% support, while Clinton only has 13%
    support. The rest were divided between Johnson and Stein. So don’t buy what
    the mainstream media is selling, because Trump is actually destroying

  12. This is scary levels of propaganda. Imagine, just imagine if she were

  13. All the Godly conservatives should get down on their knees and pray for her

  14. why do i keep thinking Hillary consumed somebody’s soul inside Chelsea’s

  15. I was in New York today. it wasn’t hot out. why is she dihydrate? Sounds
    like more bologna

  16. That’s what they say now….Cause it’s curable…..

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