Hillary Clinton Says the FBI Brought Her Down! 11/12/16

Hillary Clinton Says the FBI Brought Her Down! 11/12/16 1


Hillary Clinton Says the FBI Brought Her Down! 11/12/16

Hillary Clinton tells her donors that the letters FBI Director James Comey sent out before the election were too much to handle and made her lose the election – November 12, 2016


29 Comments on "Hillary Clinton Says the FBI Brought Her Down! 11/12/16"

  1. Lock her up first

  2. only one to blame is her

  3. She drank her own Kool Aid !

  4. Run Hillary before Gowdy becomes A.G.

  5. typical democratic lefty swine has to blame others

    • Jeannette Johnson | November 12, 2016 at 4:22 PM | Reply

      Blame, taking no responsibility for anything, never holding themselves
      accountable. Creating false flags to manipulate us the beauty is ppl saw
      through the tactics. Major backfire.

    • Kim Sanderhoff | November 12, 2016 at 7:24 PM | Reply

      I laughed at your comment, but let’s not assume all lefties are like her.

    • Kim Sanderhoff yea you are or you wouldn’t have replied so your blaming me
      for you replying to me lefty pig

  6. dontbothermewiththisnonsense | November 12, 2016 at 4:16 PM | Reply

    These people really have no clue what’s happening in reality! It’s not
    James Comey. It’s not third party voters. It’s not Bernie Bros. It’s not
    racism. Hillary Clinton lost, because she represents everything people hate
    about American politics. They tried to prop up an establishment, corrupt
    war hawk candidate in a change election. PERIOD! Stop trying to make it
    about something else; if they do this again, Donald Trump will be President
    for four years and not eight.

  7. Hildabeast cried inconsolably all night. Her special snowflakes have been
    crying since she lost FL and OH. Glad to see them all politically dead and
    the democratic party destroying itself. Enjoy the next 8 years out of power

  8. Instead of making excuses for her lost why not tell your followers to stop
    the stupidity.

  9. Kathleen Towne | November 12, 2016 at 4:19 PM | Reply

    CNN is a CRIMINAL Organization and should be indited along with Hillary !

  10. Give me a break! Comey didn’t tell her to set up her private server or
    break any of the numerous laws she broke, or tell any of her dozens of
    lies! If she can’t take the heat she should have stayed out of the kitchen!
    She needs to “woman up” and take responsibility for what she’s done!

  11. the world is better off without clinton’s in it

    • She’s a fricken lier with no heart and didn’t care about America. …were
      is her flag pin never saw one..neither did kane otf is that

    NO NO NO

  13. what an arrogant c*** you lost because you are A crooked Criminal

  14. What part don’t they understand if you cheat you lose in the end.

    • they thought that they could buy of the world….but only the fbi and
      justice and the dnc…just wasn’t enough…even with schultz and brazile.

  15. The only thing Clinton will do in the future is rip people off some more.
    She doesn’t care about they people or the Democratic party.

  16. wish I had more than one vote…..this arm of the clinton foundation known
    as cnn would be toast.

  17. Don’t cry for me Argentina .. Give me a break, she’s a monster and that’s
    why she lost!

  18. Her policies also sucked. The same old same old. We wanted change for the

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