Hillary Clinton Strategist Confronted About Admitting Hillary’s Corrupt! 11/6/16

Hillary Clinton Strategist Confronted About Admitting Hillary's Corrupt! 11/6/16

Hillary Clinton Corruption – November 6, 2016



  1. This guy is as big a liar as Clinton! I don’t know a single person voting
    for her and my friends are scattered all across the country!

    1. Ask every one I meet , don’t tell them who I am for , but it’s about 8 to
      10 for Trump.. You will see her steel it anyway. The Vote machines are in
      part owned by evil Soros. so there is no real election going on here just a
      dog and pony show. The Dem are dullards they cannot change, The thing is
      people love people who lie. it makes them feel less hypocritical. So I
      guess they’ll get what they deserve.. ;/

  2. I live in Broward county Florida and I have yet to see one Hillary Clinton
    sign in a yard. I have seen signs for Trump. Broward country is a
    democratic county. Voted early yesterday and there were people with signs
    for Trump but none for Clinton. Other candidates supporters for local
    elections were there for both Democrats and Republicans

  3. Show the map where 15%+ dems are not over sampled and show the 4-6% of
    voters that will not admit to voting Trump or show the record number of new
    Republican voters that don’t show in polls. Total B.S. 4% would alone would
    create a landslide for Trump!

  4. Hopefully, the U.S.voters will research HRC’s e-mails and Qatar/I$i$/A|
    Qu3da connections before making a final decision because, she is guilty of
    far more than trivial infractions like criiminal
    negligence/perjury/obstruction of justice/treason

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