1. +Assassin Hawk sure, because believing in a guy who never payed his taxes
      and is a racist is better. double standards much?

    2. +Chiriac Puiu I would take anybody over somebody who chooses to allow
      Americans to die in a foreign land when they easily COULD done something.
      your man obama is the biggest racist we have had as a President

    1. Yes… I’d be crying too if I realized that now prison is in my future.
      Perhaps she will avoiding serving time by volunteering for community
      service… like serving as Ambassador to Libya.

    2. Celisar1 Dude they call her a good liar but not good enough to not spot it
      she is good at faking happiness.

  1. Losing the election is the least of her worries….
    Now she’s facing 10 – 20 years in federal prison. HAHA

  2. This is way more graceful than how I pictured Trump’s concession speech.
    Trump would have said “The whole election is rigged folks gotta do
    something about the person elected”. “It was a tremendous waste of money,
    energy and time” Oh wait, he actually literally said this.

    1. SanDiegoInnOut it is based on what he said and insinuated. I will accept
      the result only if I win..2nd amendment people should do something…it
      would be a tremendous waste of time money and energy if I lose.. it is him
      who made me think that.

    2. i don’t see any baseless accusations, just simple facts. Trump is a racist
      who doesn’t pay his taxes and wouldn’t have accepted a loss.

  3. I’ve heard the stories of her unleashing her psychotic witch rage on her
    campaign staff before, I could only imagine what kind of tantrum she threw
    when she realised defeat was imminent.

    1. Mr. Jezzä millennials cant vote so they dont have the right to be
      upset…once they are shown the world…then…then they can cry about it

    2. +Mr. Jezzä I don’t understand, please say something specific and
      substantial. I’m a millennial I don’t get ‘triggered’ or maybe i would at
      the possibility of nuclear war, a world wide economic crisis, zero
      reproductive rights, torture…but presumingly thats pretty normal?

  4. I think Donald Trump set in motion the coming together as “One America”
    last night when he gave his victory speech. It’s time to move forward in

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