Hillsborough, A Plantation in Dominica


Among their  books for young readers, Papillote Press recently published A Caribbean History–Hillsborough: A Plantation in Dominica (October 2011) by Kathy MacLean and Karen Mears with Polly Pattullo.

hillsboroughcoverDescription: A Caribbean History–Hillsborough: A Plantation in Dominica tells the story of one of the island’s most important and historic estates—one that is still worked and whose history stretches back to the time when Kalinago people lived on the estate’s flat lands at the mouth of the Layou River. The story of Hillsborough is also a Caribbean history for what happened at Hillsborough is typical of other estates in the region. This story embraces the main themes of Caribbean history—from sugar to tourism, from slavery to freedom, hurricanes and revolt. Importantly, Hillsborough also links with the industrial revolution in England for the Greg family members (who owned Hillsborough for 150 years) were also the owners of Quarry Bank mill, near Manchester, one of the largest textile mills in England.

Designed for teaching, the book consists of 12 beautifully illustrated cards with questions, activities, and research opportunities for students. The 32-page booklet also provides teachers with detailed background information relating to each card.

For more information, see http://www.papillotepress.co.uk/caribbean.htm

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